Counter duties in various positions

Working at a bank counter is completely different from working at a hospital counter. Below are some examples of different types of counter work.

Working at a hospital

If there is one place where you have to deal with people and their emotions a lot, it is in a hospital. Both on the telephone and at the counter, people come from all walks of life and from all cultures. People who are happy (at the birth of a child) or people who are intensely sad (at the death or accident of a loved one). The difficult thing about this job is that you cannot go along with the emotions yourself. Of course one must show understanding and be happy about it, but one cannot just cry when someone heartbreakingly says that his wife has just been hit by a car. There are many calls from people who want to know medical things, especially in a hospital it is very important that people know who to transfer to. Someone who wants to know something or an ear operation should not be referred to the gynecology department. People must also be registered who need to be admitted. Most hospitals are automated and have special software and programs to store and process all data. The front desk in hospitals often works in shifts, so this type of work often offers more options than part-time work.

Working at a travel agency

Many people see this as a great job, they almost only get people who are cheerful and do something fun. This work often requires additional training if you actually have to advise people. But a large travel agency may have a separate desk where people can get free brochures. When they really want to book a trip, they are referred to one of the other employees. One of the requirements is that one has very good communication skills. If someone comes to the desk wanting to go on holiday, it is the receptionist’s job to find out what someone wants. A long weekend? A world trip? Nowadays there are so many specialized brochures that you can’t let someone leave with 2 bags full. So open questions, in-depth questions and stimulating questions are used a lot. In itself, this work is not very extensive or varied.

Working at a bank

Nothing changes as quickly as the interior of sofas. Where there used to be counters where people sat behind armored glass, there is now an open culture where there is an informant walking around who, upon entering, directs you to either an open counter or a table if you require further advice. At a bank there is generally corporate clothing and a more formal atmosphere. Within a bank there are usually opportunities to grow further through study. At a bank you naturally have to deal with money and strict rules, while a receptionist can sometimes stand up to grab something, this is not possible at the counter of a bank. It is a completely different atmosphere and way of working.

Working at a hotel

Broadly speaking, visitors can be divided into holiday guests and business guests. Also in a hotel people usually wear company clothes and there is a more formal atmosphere, especially in the larger hotels. There are many types of hotels and everyone wants to distinguish themselves from others, either through personal service or appearance. Business guests in particular require a high level of service and professionalism, they have little understanding for delays or carelessness. They are not in the hotel for fun but because their work requires it. Although people are of course always friendly, there is no need to approach them with the comment that there will be such a nice fair on the square tomorrow.

Working at a company

Nothing is as varied as working at a company. There are large companies, there are small companies, companies with an informal culture and with a very formal culture. Companies that are doing great financially and are struggling to survive. Companies that deal with a lot of publicity and never have to deal with it. As varied as the company can be, your task can be just as varied. In general, the administrative tasks at a company counter will be slightly more extensive than at, for example, a bank where there is a well-defined task schedule.