Lost or stolen credit card, what should you do?

A credit card (also written as a credit card) is a convenient payment method that allows you to make payments both on the internet and in everyday life. The credit card is also very suitable for making payments abroad. Despite security measures, it can still happen that you lose your credit card or that the card is stolen. You can also lose or lose your bank card. You must then take action immediately. What should you do in such a case? Debit and credit cards are secure payment methods . Nowadays, almost everyone regularly pays with a credit card or other payment card. However, if your card falls into the hands of others, you must act immediately and not wait. If you have lost your credit or debit card, you must immediately contact the company that supplied the debit card to you and have the card blocked. Even if you have lost your credit card, but you are unsure whether the card has ended up in the wrong hands, it is better to have the card blocked immediately. You cannot take any risks with debit cards. In the event of theft, you must bear in mind that fraud can quickly be committed with your card. Thieves who have stolen your card can plunder your account within minutes. So block the card as quickly as possible.

Lost, stolen, lost credit card… Where to report?

If your credit card has been stolen, lost or misplaced, you can call the credit card company’s special telephone numbers. There are emergency numbers that you can reach day and night. After blocking the card, you will have a new credit card in your hands within one or two (sometimes shorter) weeks. If you have lost your bank card, call the bank. You will find all the necessary information on your bank’s website.

Debits that you have not made yourself

If there are transactions on statements that you did not order yourself, you must immediately report this to the company that issued you the card. The card will also be blocked in that case.

How is a credit card secured?

When paying by credit card, a copy of your card will be made. You must sign the copy with the same signature as the signature on your pass. You thereby give permission for the payment. However, more and more often there is also a PIN code on your credit card. If you pay via the internet with a credit card, you must enter the card details. Those are:

  • Name
  • Credit card number
  • Security code

Insured against theft

In general, purchases made with a credit card are insured against theft. Before purchasing a card, make sure you are well informed about the conditions.

Credit card stolen or lost, report it

If your card has been stolen, you must report it to the police. You need the following information for this:

  • Your personal details (including valid identification)
  • The type of card that was stolen
  • The account number associated with the credit card
  • As much information as possible about the location and possible perpetrators, or about the place where you probably lost the card

Credit card stolen abroad

If your credit card has been stolen abroad, report it to the police there. It is also necessary to call your bank in the Netherlands to ensure that the card is blocked as soon as possible.

Lost credit card at home

If you have lost your credit card at home and you are sure it cannot have been stolen, do everything you can to find it. If this does not work immediately, do not wait but have the card blocked just to be sure. Perhaps you lost the card on the street or perhaps it was stolen from your home.

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