Take out a bond loan

The bond loan is a loan that is taken out for the longer term. Usually it is the government that offers bonds. In this case they are called government bonds. These are used to finance the national debt. Bonds are considered a relatively safe investment. It is important to know that the return does not necessarily have to be very high. A bond loan is a loan that is often taken out for the longer term. It also usually involves a large number of lenders who take out the loan. In exchange for the loan, they receive a coupon sheet. This is, as it were, an admission of guilt from the person requesting the loan. This promises with the coupon sheet to repay the money within a certain period. This usually concerns a term of 5 to 30 years. It is agreed in advance whether the loan will be repaid in installments or whether this will happen all at once. Interest is also paid on the loan amount. The bondholder usually only receives this loan at the time of redemption.

Close bond

It is often governments or banks that offer a bond loan. For example, bonds are used to finance the national debt. Bonds are considered safe investments. This means that there is little chance that someone will not see their money back. This is because the government cannot simply go bankrupt. Other stock prices can fluctuate wildly. You don’t have to worry about that with bonds. However, the return will be much lower. It is simply possible to register for bonds. The price depends on subsequent demand. If there are many people who want to purchase a bond, the government can afford a lower interest rate. The less interest, the higher the interest and therefore the return will be.

Take out a government bond

The government usually issues its bonds through a bank. The bank then takes care of the entire procedure whereby people can register for the bonds. The bonds that the government issues are called government bonds or government loans. The Agency of the Ministry of Finance is responsible for issuing the bonds. She is based in Amsterdam. It offers government bonds several times a year. Especially around the credit crisis, many more bonds were issued. This was necessary to finance the increasing national debt, because a lot of money was needed to pay the loans given to banks. As a result, the national debt has risen sharply.


Bonds usually have a covenant attached to them. These are rules with conditions and restrictions surrounding the bonds. For example, it is sometimes possible for the issuers of the bond to pay off the bond more quickly. This can be advantageous, for example, if the price of a bond is very high. By accelerating the repayment of this bond, the provider does not have to pay extra interest and can take out a cheaper bond for the same amount. However, these types of conditions must be clearly included in the agreement.