Hardware store: Praxis

The Praxis is a hardware store, with many branches in the Netherlands, so there is almost always one near you. Plenty of choice and a favorable price/quality ratio. More about the Praxis hardware stores below.

The organization of Praxis

The founding of Praxis dates back to 1978 and Praxis is a hardware store that belongs to the top of the do-it-yourself industry in the Netherlands, with no fewer than 140 branches in the Netherlands. Of these, 29 branches are Megastores that are extremely large and 11 of which have a large garden center attached to them. The head office is located in Diemen and employs a total of 5,000 employees. Praxis is part of the do-it-yourself branch of Maxeda, a large group that does business in many different industries. Praxis’s mission is to strive for a satisfied customer. This is achieved by ensuring an extensive and up-to-date range, combined with skilled and customer-friendly staff. The staff is regularly trained and customers come to Praxis not only for the large range, but also for background information and job advice.

The range

At Praxis you can buy everything and for almost every job. Praxis also takes your wallet into account by choosing the cheaper own brand, Keuze van Praxis, and they carry a number of exclusive house brands such as Sensys, Baseline and X-Kraft. The range broadly consists of:

  • paint and wallpaper
  • floors
  • furniture and lighting
  • window decoration
  • sanitary facilities, tiles and kitchens
  • garden
  • building materials and wood
  • tools
  • electricity and climate control
  • promotion and season

The brochure and online store

You can view the brochure online at Praxis. This is very easy and also saves on the paper the leaflets are made from. So even if you have a “no” sticker on your mailbox, you no longer have to miss any offers. The brochure is easy to view online and browsing through the brochure is very simple. You can subscribe to the newsletter and receive the latest brochure in your mailbox every week. There is also a special garden brochure available on the website, with all garden items and plants. This catalog contains spring and summer offers. There is also a web brochure regarding Praxis furniture, which can also be viewed online. You can go to the online store for many of your purchases. (For the procedure, please check the website.) You pay a contribution to the shipping costs for preparing, checking, transporting and delivering your order:

  • up to 3 kilos 4.95
  • up to 7 kilos 6.95
  • up to 10 kilos 7.95
  • 10 to 16 kilos 9.95
  • 16 to 20 kilos 12.95
  • 20 to 26 kilos 14.95
  • 26 to 30 kilos 16.95
  • for moving items, shipment less than 25 kg 7.50 and more than 25 kg 12.50

Shipping and handling costs are not calculated per item, but over the entire order.

The handyman service

There is the option to use the handyman service . If you have purchased something that you cannot assemble or install yourself, you can get the job done together with Casius, a company that operates independently of Praxis and has a network of 900 specialized companies throughout the country. There is a choice of the services below:

  • an installation service.
  • a quotation service.

You indicate on a registration form what you need help with. A few days after you have submitted the form, you will receive the contact details of up to 3 specialized companies that will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. For more information, visit the website or inquire at a branch near you. If you have questions about a job that you cannot solve yourself, you can visit the Job forum . You can submit your question to other handymen on the forum. Check out the website and ask your question there.


At Praxis you are at the right place for all kinds of jobs, but also for garden trends and living ideas . Not all Praxis options and services have been discussed in this article. This is too extensive for this. You can visit the website or perhaps even better visit the Praxis branch near you.

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