Brand New Day pension and asset management

With Brand New Day you can easily and transparently build up a lot of extra pension without hidden costs. This bank is usually much cheaper than the well-known major banks and insurers. BND is transparent and has low asset management costs. No extortionate policy and no insurance. You immediately see how much capital you are building. Do the policy check yourself. If necessary, avoid your policies and get more pension from your policy. Provide a supplementary pension at relatively low costs through bank savings. Brand New Day has a free grower package. This way you can save as best as possible for later. Brand New Day also has a children’s account, where you can put money so that your child can go to college later. Brand New Day has received a banking license and you can easily open a savings account online.

Brand New Day has become a bank:

  • Developer package from Brand New Day
  • Brand New Day is much cheaper, lower costs and more pension
  • Brand New Day is 100 percent independent
  • Bank savings at Brand New Day
  • Saving for pension and asset management
  • Open a savings account
  • Bank savings for mortgage
  • Bank savings with severance pay
  • The children’s account
  • I have a policy elsewhere
  • Collaboration with the VvAA group
  • Conclusion Brand New Day as an asset manager for pension and severance pay

Developer package from Brand New Day

No extortionate policy please. In short, extortionate policies were policies with very high costs that were often hidden from the customer. Only later did the money saved or invested turn out to be much less than had been expected. Brand New Day takes action against these practices. Much cheaper products are offered through bank savings.

Brand New Day is much cheaper, lower costs and more pension

Brand New Day is much cheaper. Not a bureaucratic company with many branches, but an internet company. This company was founded by Kalo Bagijn and Thierry Schaap, previously involved with Binck, with the aim of increasing competition in the online investing market and significantly reducing costs. This has now been achieved successfully through Binck. Now the insurance market. The customer benefits from this. There are already insurers protesting against the newcomer. Then let them lower their rates.

Brand New Day is 100 percent independent

Brand New Day is independent and 100 percent autonomous. You can obtain advice through Brand New Day, but these advisors are also independent. Because this company insists so much on low costs, it seems very unlikely that any intermediaries will still be allowed to charge high rates. In fact, you can get started quickly after requesting a quote. Without an intermediary and at low costs. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk. For your pension, a mortgage, a severance payment or golden handshake and your asset management.

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Bank savings at Brand New Day

Brand New Day works with bank savings. For not only your pension and mortgage, but also your severance pay. Since 2010, your employer has been allowed to deposit your severance payment into a blocked account at a bank. This is very beneficial from a tax perspective and the costs are transparent. Especially those who already have a policy can easily switch.

Saving for pension and asset management

For a supplementary pension or asset management, you apply for a pension account and an asset account. You can also fully manage your assets. Your investments for your pension are placed in a separate company in your name. You pay 0.5% in fees on each deposit. Investments are made in shares and bonds. You agree in advance in what proportions this should happen. Expensive investment funds are not chosen, but index funds that provide a high return.

Open a savings account

Now that Brand New Day has become a bank after the takeover of Allianz Nederland Asset Management (ANAM), you can also easily open a savings account online here without conditions. You transfer 1 cent, your details are checked and your savings account becomes active.

Bank savings for mortgage

In addition to your pension, you can also save in banks here to pay off your mortgage. You save in a blocked account and pay off the mortgage at the end of the term with the accrued capital. Request a quote and open an account. Your deposits are then invested as you wish. Again at low costs.

Bank savings with severance pay

Bank savings with severance pay or golden handshake is possible. Invest your severance payment without incurring high costs. No complicated constructions, but save in a blocked bank account into which your employer’s deposit grows annually. You certainly don’t have to worry about the costs, because with a term of 20 years the annual costs are only 0.5%.

The children’s account

Studying is expensive and the new loan system has only made it more expensive. Your child or grandchild can also use some extra money for the future. Well, this can be done via the child’s account that is linked to an investment account. The children’s account is in the name of the child or grandchild. Once the child turns 18, he is legally entitled to dispose of the money himself. Then there is a piggy bank ready.

I have a policy elsewhere

Even if you already have a policy elsewhere, it is often possible to have it transferred to Brand New Day. They then indicate what the policy will yield for them. If the difference is interesting in your favor and you can leave your current provider, then transferring to Brand New Day makes a lot of sense. Consider an annuity policy or another policy for a supplementary pension, a pension as a self-employed person or, for example, plans for study.

Collaboration with the VvAA group

The VvAA group, of which more than 114,000 doctors are members, helps Brand New Day with new policies for pensions and policy transfers. An interesting target group that now apparently also wants to take advantage of the benefits. VvAA is a 10% shareholder in Brand New Day. The banking license that BND acquired offers the opportunity to offer savings on a checking account in addition to saving for a pension. Finally, you can also take out term life insurance at Brand New Day. The great thing is that you can easily calculate how much premium you have to pay on their website.

Conclusion Brand New Day as an asset manager for pension and severance pay

Brand New Day has filled a major gap in the asset market. The costs for building up a pension and assets are low and transparent. This has instantly made Brand New Day a very interesting competitor. The customer benefits and it’s about time.

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