Finding your dream job

To find your dream job, you need to be aware of what you really like to do and where your talents lie. It is also important to look at your skills and your place within a team. What circumstances make work fun and successful for you? All these aspects are discussed in this article, so that at the end you will hopefully have a better idea of your dream job.

What do you like to do?

When finding your dream job, it is above all important that you really enjoy it . For many people it is a difficult task to figure out what they really enjoy doing as a job. It is best to take a step back and only think in terms of activities. Example activities are:

  • To draw
  • Talking to people
  • Organize a party
  • Driving a car
  • To do odd jobs
  • Keeping administration at home
  • Writing articles

The trick is to then link these activities to a possible job. You can look for as many jobs as possible in at least two different favorite activities. Examples based on the above activities are:

  • Wedding planner
  • Service employee
  • Architect
  • Own construction company
  • Journalist

What are you good at?

Everyone knows the examples of TV programs in which people can do singing auditions. The best one eventually wins a recording contract and thus gets a job as a singer. The people who lost weight in the first round probably had ‘singing’ as their favorite activity in the previous part. But they’re not good at it… That’s how it works for each of us. It is therefore important to look at what you are (naturally) good at. For example, you may have the following talents:

  • Being able to deal well with people
  • Stay calm in stressful situations
  • Good memory
  • Technical insight

Experiences in your life are also important. For example, you have learned the hard way that it is better to talk about problems rather than keeping them to yourself. Or do you know that it is better to have one-on-one contact than to stand in front of a group. You take these kinds of experiences with you to your next job. In addition, put on paper what you have to offer a boss and workplace. For example:

  • Energy
  • New ideas
  • Flexibility

Your ideal workplace

Your workplace, including colleagues, is very important for a job to be successful. First, it is important that you know whether you like working with others or whether you prefer to work alone. A combination is of course also possible. Second, you need to know whether you are a leader or a team member. As a leader you like to make decisions, you quickly see what needs to be done, you often have many ideas and you can manage people well. As a team member, you like to receive instructions, you like to make joint decisions and you don’t have to have the last word. It is also important to think about what your ideal working day looks like. Do you like to start early or do you prefer to work at irregular times? Do you sit at your desk or are you physically active? Do you work in a large office or in a home office? Try to imagine the most ideal conditions. This does not mean that you can no longer deviate from this, but it gives you insight into what you like.