Own your own company and then network!

More and more people are starting their own business. Possibly forced by the market or a step towards something that comes from within yourself. Shaping your own ideas about something and being your own boss. You can do this, for example, by setting up a sole proprietorship and working from an existing network. But what if that network is not there yet? You can buy files and start marketing. Networking is also part of the acquisition and how difficult is that?


For some, networking is easy and if you are extroverted and you make contact with people easily, networking will also come easier for you. It should also be noted that networking does not necessarily have to be your hobby, the aptitude is there and you may have to in order to get customers. It becomes more difficult if you are an introvert and have never really had to network (for example in a previous salaried position). Yet you can learn it. What is it actually? Strictly speaking, networking is making and maintaining contacts who can help you and people who you can help in turn. This can be in work or private life, but it must always be mutual and you must trust each other to a certain extent in matters.


It sounds very simple, you just have to do it, but it is not that simple. However, from the perspective that you think along with others, you can have a nice chat and express your opinion so that they may think along with you again and build a relationship of trust. It’s also about helping each other and you shouldn’t do it too forcefully, that doesn’t come across. But anyone who is committed to what he/she does and knows what he/she wants to achieve can speak passionately about something. Any issues will automatically surface and someone else can think along with you. This also applies the other way around.

Your company

If you make contact and people see that you are passionate about what you have in mind for your company, someone else may be waiting for such a person or know someone who is waiting for this. And if there is not something immediately, it will be taken into account. So never forget to hand in your card, but realize that there is also a goodwill factor in it. The goodwill factor is important in your network and it comes naturally if you are passionate about your profession, you openly explain what concerns you, you think along with things that the other person presents, etc. This is also how you can maintain a network and by getting to know other people, there is the opportunity to expand your network.

Network building

If you know how it works, you have to apply it and start somewhere. You can start this with friends or people from the sports club, former colleagues, etc. Realize that everyone has their own network, large or small, but a network is always there. What you talk about and explain will in any case end up in other circles and that can lead to new contacts or that assignment you are waiting for. Always make sure you have an idea of who belongs to your network. This also allows you to map out the background of your network and where you might end up. If you are looking for an assignment, it is more useful to direct your contacts to those who may have a network in this direction. This does not alter the fact that an assignment can also come from an unexpected source. In addition to your environment, there are numerous options to expand your network, such as:

  • attend conferences and seminars
  • show up at receptions or other drinks (where possible)
  • becomes a member of professional groups
  • use the online options (such as Linkedin)

and do not forget to store received business cards properly. If you are not good at remembering things, if necessary, write down where and what you spoke to this person about. All in all, it is quite intensive to get started, but a good network will certainly pay for itself in the long run.