What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short presentation about yourself or your company. Here you summarize who you are and what your qualities are, or you provide a description of your company. You can roughly prepare such a short presentation so that you have a compelling sales pitch in your head that contains everything you want to say. The literal translation of an elevator pitch is: a sales pitch in the elevator. What they actually mean is that you should have a piece of text ready that lasts no longer than one to a few minutes in which you highlight your qualities. By preparing it you can tell an enthusiastic story without stuttering and hitching. With some preparation you can deliver this short speech well by remembering fixed keywords. An elevator pitch is often used to describe your company in a few sentences, but it is also ideal for networking for another job, for example. You can even use the elevator pitch to tell something about yourself in a job application.

Why make an elevator pitch

The biggest advantage of an elevator pitch is that you always have a short and concise description of yourself ready. This prevents situations in which people ask about your employment history and you answer: I do something in the administration, followed by an incoherent story in which you tell something you did not want to tell. The elevator pitch can also be used when applying for a job to introduce yourself to the interviewer.

How do I create my own elevator pitch?

You should not study a piece of text that is half an A4 page. This is difficult to remember, and it is often audible that it is a rehearsed trick. An ideal pitch lasts about one minute and contains about 200 words. Creating such a piece of text seems easier than it is. It must be a good description of yourself and your skills. Put it on paper and read it often and also practice it in front of the mirror. It is important that you can say it enthusiastically and that the conversation partner gets a good impression of you.

Which parts should I mention in my elevator pitch for networking?

A good piece of text depends on the goal to be achieved. The tips below are focused on an elevator pitch for networking for another job.

  • Start with a description of yourself. The opening sentence will differ from situation to situation, as it must fit well within the conversation. A short description of yourself in a job interview will be different from a pitch in the supermarket.
  • Briefly describe the successfully completed training courses, without going into depth. Also for starters on the labor market, training should not receive too much attention. A completed HBO education is often sufficient information. It is better to spend the remaining time talking about your internships and other side activities.
  • Work experience must also be included, but avoid describing an entire career progression. A general description often covers it all, for example: “I have been in business services my entire career.”
  • Include your successes and your skills in the story, and provide a clear description of yourself. By incorporating your greatest qualities, the recipient of the story gets a clear picture of you.
  • Provide a clear description of your goal. This may mean that you indicate that you are looking for another job. The recipient will unconsciously immediately start thinking about the extent to which he or she has a solution for your problem. In a job interview pitch, you should clearly explain why you are the right person for the job.