Buy Ed Hardy clothes, where is it cheap?

Ed Hardy is a very popular clothing brand from the French designer Christian Audigier (Avignon France). Audigier has been designing clothes since he was fifteen, but it was only a few years ago that he launched Ed Hardy, named after the famous tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy. The brand is so popular that within a few years it has become a worldwide sales success. Ed Hardy not only sells clothing and accessories, but also nice fragrances such as eau de perfume and eau de toilette. Ed Hardy clothing and products are not cheap, where can you find affordable Ed Hardy clothing and items?

Buy Ed Hardy clothes

Ed Hardy is for sale in more than 69 countries, including the Netherlands. The Ed Hardy clothing line delivers more than just clothing:

  • sunglasses
  • bags
  • belts
  • swimwear
  • T-shirts
  • jacks
  • jackets
  • trousers
  • boots
  • shoes
  • socks
  • backpacks
  • handbags
  • perfumes
  • other accessories

Ed Hardy clothing, designs

French designer Christian Audigier currently lives in Los Angeles but he was born on May 23, 1958 in Avignon (France). According to him, his clothing brand Ed Hardy is much more of a lifestyle than just a world-famous clothing brand . Ed Hardy ‘s clothes with busy tattoo-like prints are colorful and sensational and of good quality . The clothing style is based on Don Ed Hardy’s tattoos, so he should actually get all the credit, which is why his name is linked to the brand. Don Ed Hardy (California) became known for his experimental and original tattoos. His nickname is The Godfather of Modern Tattoo. Christian Audigier has the rights to print the tattoos on clothing and other products from the Ed Hardy brand. In 2004, Hardy sold the copyrights of his tattoos to Christian Audigier. Don Hardy clothes are also worn by celebrities such as Madonna, Snoopy Doggy Dog and Mariah Carey.

Clothing style

The Ed Hardy clothing style has proven to be a real financial hit. The clothing brand quickly became very popular among young people worldwide (and also among the elderly). The designs are exactly like Don Ed Hardy’s tattoos: cartoonish. Cartoony, colorful, graphic, hip, cool, cool, innovative, exciting and at the same time the designs are familiar. It always has recognizable elements of airbrush and graffiti. You will find the tattoo designs on every piece of clothing or other products. Often with skulls, roses, hearts, ribbons with text, human figures, dragons and other fantastic animals. The bright colors are striking. Don Ed Hardy’s tattoos sometimes have many (old) Japanese elements, which sometimes gives the whole thing an Eastern touch.

Cheap Ed Hardy clothes, where can you find them?

You can actually only find Ed Hardy cheap on sale or second hand. Ed Hardy has currently (2017) been around for more than ten years and has been a worldwide success since 2007. That is why there is a hefty price tag on a product that comes from the collection of (the real) Ed Hardy. Those prices are too high for many people, but you can still regularly find affordable Ed Hardy items, for example via online web shops or on sale and in outlet stores (be wary of counterfeits on the internet).

Recognizing Ed Hardy fakes

There are a lot of fakes of Ed Hardy in circulation. The counterfeit is generally so cleverly reproduced that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the real thing even for experts. The quality of counterfeit brand clothing is actually always mediocre or poor. Besides the fact that it is not legal to trade counterfeit clothing, you should not expect that type of clothing to be very nice. The fabrics are often thin, the prints are printed in poor ink and the brand label is often missing. You can also recognize fake clothing by the price. When it comes to new clothing that is dirt cheap compared to the stores, then it is too good to be true.


Because Ed Hardy clothing is of good quality, you can safely buy the brand second hand. Second-hand it is often very beautiful, and it is usually affordable. Second-hand clothing from Ed Hardy can mainly be found on the internet on sites where second-hand products are offered. Even then it is not always cheap, but it is a lot cheaper than when you buy it new.

Ed Hardy fragrances

Like many well-known clothing brands, Christiaan Audigier has also expanded the brand with its own perfume line. Ed Hardy perfumes are available as eau de perfume, eau de toilette and as other care accessories such as soap or bath foam, etc. The care products come in the well-known colorful Ed Hardy packaging, decorated with the specific tattoo designs of Christiaan Audigier. They are available as women’s and men’s fragrances. You can get these products cheaper when there are offers or on sale.

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