Beautiful desk lamps

It seems as if the desk lamp has been in the dark for a while, because little new has come onto the market in recent times. But creativity has struck again and suddenly you see new beautiful copies in various stores.


Besides the fact that you want a beautiful desk lamp, it must above all be functional. The lamp must provide good light, as desired, and must also be attractive to look at. Yet many people buy a desk lamp that fits in a bit, but do not always look closely at the functionality. What to pay attention to (besides appearance and budget):

  • light beam, do you want a tight light beam aimed at the writing/typing area or do you want light for the entire desk.
  • Luminaire, the arm must be manoeuvrable and to what extent should it be manoeuvrable. Consider the fixtures to be mounted on the desk.
  • Other functionalities, you want a multifunctional lamp that also has room for other things. Such as storing paper clips or pens.

Before you buy a new desk lamp, take a good look at your desk. For example, not every desk can mount a fixture with a swivel arm.


The type of lamp you need is not unimportant. This partly depends on the functionality (bundle of light or illuminating a large area) and the light itself. In addition to the regular light bulb (as long as it is still available) and the energy-saving light bulb, there are also lamps with LED lighting.


What you like is very personal, but you now also see the standard color fixtures in very different colors. Stainless steel sprayed in the most beautiful colors can suddenly brighten up a relatively boring desk. But the traditional classic notary desk lamp is also available in a pimped version, while still retaining its graceful aspects. But the lamp looks a bit more 21st century. The very sleek lamps that consist of, for example, one part (from the base to the lamp) are functional and the design is beautiful. This stainless steel is also available in various colors. The desk lamp, which resembles regular mood lighting in the living room, looks very cozy on the desk. From very sleek RVC combined with a plastic hood, to cheerful wooden variants with a fabric hood. These lamps are obviously not suitable for focused beam lighting. The desk lamp that stands on the floor and hangs in a beautiful arc over the desk provides a large beam of light but must be properly aimed. Although the lamp has a beautiful design, ideally the lamp should hang in the middle above the desk. However, when you start writing you are in your own light. Furthermore, the lamp is available in plastic and stainless steel variants and fits both the classic and the new (for example glass) desk.


A simple adult desk lamp starts at around 30 euros and can cost up to around 900 euros with the standing lamp or the old notary lamp in a new style. And everything in between, which is now a large collection.