De Hypotheker, for a reliable choice

In 25 years, De Hypotheker has grown into the largest independent mortgage advice organization in the Netherlands. The fact that another 500,000 mortgages have already been taken out through De Hypotheker gives an indication of how successfully the formula works. Below you will find more information about De Hypotheker’s working methods and options.

The Mortgageman

De Hypotheker has been active in the Netherlands since 1985 and with more than 170 branches there is always one near you. The strong point of De Hypotheker is its independent character. They do business with almost all mortgage providers in the Netherlands and can therefore provide you with the best advice. The De Hypotheker branches all employ recognized Mortgage Advisors. Suppose you compare two identical mortgages with the same interest rates and terms, then there are often differences in terms and conditions and the associated insurance for each mortgage to be taken out. The differences are incomprehensible for most of us and making the wrong choice can result in additional costs that can amount to several thousand euros per year. To prevent these types of things, it is advisable to visit De Hypotheker or even better, first make an appointment by telephone for an exploratory consultation. You will receive service and guidance for the entire term of the mortgage. From the first orientation, the visit to the notary, the valuation to the provisional refund and beyond, as long as necessary.

‘Yes, check’

The Yes Sure Check has been developed for the benefit of their customers, which customers can complete online once a year. Changes may have taken place in the past period that affect the mortgage taken out in the past. With this check you will know whether anything needs to be changed and an appointment can be made at the branch near you.

You are looking for a mortgage

If you are looking for a mortgage, you will not hesitate. You will inquire here and there from family, friends, acquaintances or you will visit the internet for the possibilities. You may be surprised by how many different options there are. And many of these options are very opaque without any background knowledge of the mortgage types. A number of questions are listed for you on the De Hypotheker website:

  • how much mortgage do you need?
  • which mortgage suits you?
  • what does the interest do?
  • what are your options?

What else you can pay attention to:

  • insurances
  • NHG and subsidies
  • the tax authorities
  • take your mortgage with you
  • bridging loan
  • additional loan scheme
  • flexibility of the mortgage
  • fixed interest period
  • project interest and construction interest

Financial services

De Hypotheker is also the right place for financial services. In any case, you can also go there for the following:

  • building up your pension
  • your life-course scheme
  • preparation for unemployment or disability
  • relationship and children
  • savings and investments
  • Using “overvalue” to improve your financial situation

Online advice

For people with little time, there is an online advice option, where specific calculations can be made and information pages can be viewed that apply to your situation. Advice is available here about buying your first home , buying another home, exchanging a rental home for an owner-occupied home and the end of a fixed-interest period. For any questions that remain after viewing the De Hypotheker site, it is best to make an appointment to discuss these questions with one of the financial advisors. It is certain that he will do his utmost for you.