Save money on shopping

Before you know it, you’ve filled your shopping cart with products you don’t actually need. You have been tempted by chocolate, stratiatella yoghurt and German steaks. Once you arrive at the cash register, you will be disappointed with the amount. How can you save money on your groceries?

Choose the right supermarket

Cheap supermarkets are Aldi and Lidl. You will find cheap products there, which are often of excellent quality. The price is so low because these stores spend little time and money on decorating their store (products in boxes) and because there are hardly any staff around, which means the service is a lot less. For this reason, an extra cash register is not often opened. If you don’t like waiting, it’s best to go early in the day (8am/8:30am). It is also better to take a full cart once a week than to do shopping in these types of stores 4 times a week. If you want to go for A-brands or good quality workmanship, but still want to be cheap, the Jumbo is highly recommended. This store has excellent service. This way you get the product for free if it is cheaper elsewhere, and there is enough staff around to answer your questions. You don’t have to wait long at the checkout either, because they open a new one quickly. Another cheap supermarket is Boni. Here you will also find A-brands.

Make a shopping list

It sounds very simple, but it is still a very important tip: make a shopping list and stick to it. This prevents you from coming home with all kinds of other, extra products.

Shopping without children

Children are quickly tempted by Dora cookies, Captain Koek gingerbread and candy. These products are considerably more expensive than the comparable private label. But your child wants it so badly. This problem is largely solved by not taking your child with you when you go shopping. After all, it can be difficult to say no because of your child’s reaction.


Offers can make a significant difference in price. You often see offers like: 3rd free, 2nd half price. You may not like inventory, but it can really save you quite a bit of money. Compare the brochures from different supermarkets to get the best offer. You can freeze meat, etc., other products, such as cookies, also keep for a long time. Let the choice of fruit and vegetables depend on the offers. These are expensive products.

Place of cheap products in supermarket

Expensive products are at eye level. You will find the cheap products as low as possible. So you literally have to bend over to reach it. But it is worth it and can save many euros.

Keep the receipt

It could just be that there is something wrong with a product. The expiration date appears to have passed, you want to exchange the product or you want to compare the price. Therefore, always keep the receipt. Also check the receipt, especially if there are any offers.