The minimum youth wage, also for students!

Sometimes it is quite complicated to check what you can and cannot earn, what the minimum hourly wage is, whether you can work in addition to your student finance and how much you can earn, you will read all about that here!

Minimum youth wage

How much you earn differs per sector, your employer does not determine what minimum you must earn, that is all regulated by law. You will earn more in one sector than in another. A collective labor agreement is a collective labor agreement, which contains all the rules, including those regarding earnings. Every year you get older you are also entitled to a pay increase, which starts on the day of your birthday. You earn 8% holiday allowance on every euro you earn. It varies by age how much you earn, what your position is, how much you work and what sector you work in.

Travel expenses reimbursement

If you live more than 10 km from work, your boss is obliged to pay your travel expenses. This concerns 0.19 cents per kilometer. If you are not reimbursed for this, you can also declare this with your taxes.


As a temporary worker in phase A, you are only paid for the hours you work, and you also accrue vacation days and holiday pay during those hours worked. Temporary workers are entitled to 24 days of vacation per year or 2 days per month worked.


Everyone has to pay back taxes, unless you have just worked for a few weeks, then you pay too much tax. You can request this back with a TJ Ticket (Youth Refund). You can calculate how much tax you will get back or have to pay by means of your annual statement. If you file your tax return before April 1, you will be told by the tax authorities around July 1 how much you will get back. There is a special arrangement for students, if you do not yet earn that much you sometimes do not have to pay back any tax at all, you will receive the refund at the same time as your salary. This means you get your money sooner. You can usually no longer claim tax back for that year, you can apply for this scheme together with your employer. You do this with the form “Payroll tax statement – Appendix to student and pupil scheme”. Here you enter your personal data, the start date and your student finance or child benefit number. You submit the form to your employer. You must also complete a payroll tax statement.

Student grants

Even though you receive student financing, you can also have a part-time job, no problem. You are only allowed to earn a certain amount per year, otherwise you are not entitled to student financing. The amount you can earn additionally in 2010 is 13,215.83. This concerns taxable wages, which can be found on your pay slip. If you earn more than this amount, you must stop your student financing and your public transport card as well. As stupid as it sounds, you are not allowed to earn more than that amount above. If you don’t do that, you will pay a fine for your public transport card every half month + a fine with interest on top, and no one wants that!