Work from home as a copywriter

Are you good with language and do you enjoy writing? Then you might be able to become a copywriter. This can easily be done from home, so work as a copywriter can easily be seen as work from home. What do you need to be able to do if you are a copywriter? Do you need training for the profession and how do you get your assignments?

What should you be able to do as a copywriter?

Being a copywriter is not nearly as easy as it sounds. You must have a good sense of language and know what is going on. You can often write for websites and it is important that you can write on an SEO basis. This means that you write in such a way that the search engines on the internet can easily find your text. Besides the fact that the texts must be SEO-friendly, your texts must also be pleasant to read. You don’t want text full of crooked sentences or language errors.

Training and course for copywriter

If you would like to become a copywriter, an education or course is not necessary, but it can make it easier for you to win assignments. For example, take a Dutch course so that you know exactly what the rules of the Dutch language are and how best to write a text. The copywriting course or writing for the web is also useful. These are offered almost everywhere and are focused on the work that a copywriter does.

Register with the Chamber of Commerce

If you earn too much money with your work as a copywriter, you can register as a self-employed company with the Chamber of Commerce. You are then a self-employed person without employees. Registering with the Chamber of Commerce can bring many positive things. This way you can deduct certain costs, so that you ultimately have to pay less in taxes.

Writing on assignment

If you are a copywriter, you must be able to write on assignment. It can be useful to specialize in a certain area, such as finance. Anyone who has a clear understanding of the subject will be more likely to receive an assignment related to your area of specialization.

Writing without assignment

It is possible to expand your CV by writing texts that you have not written on assignment. There are even options to make money from this writing job. There are various websites where you can post articles. You can then earn money from a certain percentage of the ad views that appear on the site. This is a fun way to make money and build a nice resume. You can also practice SEO optimization on these types of sites.

How much money do you make as a copywriter?

How much money you earn as a copywriter depends on the agreements with the clients. Some people are happy with a few euros per text, but if you take yourself seriously as a copywriter, you ask for more. The agreed amount is often negotiated. Sometimes you are paid per hour, other times per text or word.

How do you get writing assignments?

As a copywriter, do you want to get fun writing assignments? Then there are many websites where you can find these. There are websites that focus entirely on freelance writers. You can also email a website yourself to ask if they need any help. This is possible, for example, if the website fits within your area of specialization. It can sometimes be very difficult to get nice writing assignments. The competition is often fierce. A good CV is therefore really important. The more writing you have on your CV, the greater the chance that you will be chosen to work for the website.