Financial vacancies: Targeted search for financial jobs

If you want to specifically look for a good financial job, you would do well to look professionally and specifically for financial positions through the right channels. You can find a financial position at a financial institution, but also with accountants, controllers or other finance professionals and specialists. Through financial recruitment and financial vacancies aimed at financial management or financial specialists, you will find exactly what you are looking for as a future finance professional!

What kind of financial functions are there on the market?

If you are interested in a career in the field of Finance, there are many opportunities for great positions. You can opt for more generalist or financial management positions at a financial institution or insurer. You can also opt for financial administration, payroll administration or other administrative functions in a financial environment. If you really choose a financial specialization, you are more likely to end up in controller and accountancy roles. You can fulfill these types of roles at larger, financial or non-financial companies, but also at more small-scale specialist agencies and offices. It goes without saying that the training and experience required for the different types of positions differ. The more specialized, the more financial prior education will be required. On the other hand, many companies are certainly willing to train someone to become a finance professional if they have an affinity and talent for it.

Where can you find good financial vacancies?

Financial positions can be found on general job sites such as Monsterboard, Intermediair or National Vacancy Bank. However, you can also look for financial roles in a more targeted manner by using websites that specialize in financial vacancies . These sites focus purely on financial jobs and can therefore bring supply and demand together in a targeted manner. Examples of financial job sites are Jobs In Finance, Financial Job Centre, Robert Half and AdRem. Employment agencies such as Content or Randstad often also have a good financial section in their offering where you can specifically search for financial positions.

Should you use financial recruitment or would you rather opt for a financial job site?

You can also have financial roles mediated by a professional recruitment agency. Selection and matching agencies and headhunters are particularly suitable for young talents and people who have already gained experience in the financial world but want to broaden their view. Bridgewell and Top of Mind are examples of financial recruitment agencies that only match finance professionals and companies. This naturally gives them a lot of experience in mediating people in these often more complex roles. If you know exactly what you want and can do, you can do your own search via general or financial job sites. If you are in doubt about which role suits you best, what a good next step could be and whether you prefer to opt for a larger or smaller company, it may be advisable to use a recruiter. As a job seeker in the financial sector, this often costs you nothing and, in addition to good advice, you also receive support when it comes to the actual mediation for a position. What is certain is that there are many interesting jobs waiting for you in the banking and financial world. Be well informed and enter that interesting dynamic world through the channel that suits you.