Free, does that even exist?

Have you ever wondered what in life is free? For example, if there are solar panels on the roof, then the sun is free. But unfortunately the homeowner still pays energy tax. And if you order a glass of water on the terrace, you pay for it. After all, you use a patio chair and service. And that costs the entrepreneur money. So the question is not entirely unjustified. Do we get things that are really important to us for free? The answer is yes. Maybe not much, but if you look around you will notice that some things really are free.

The best things in life are free

“The best things in life are for free”. True? Strictly speaking, yes, because essential things in life such as friendship, love and happiness cannot be bought. Even though some women may claim that a day of shopping would make them perfectly happy, it is short-lived. As a rule, something like this probably doesn’t increase personal happiness very much. At least not until the next shopping trip.

Financing at zero percent interest

When purchasing goods in the more expensive segment, such as passenger cars, you are often faced with financing at zero percent. But does credit without interest exist? However, one can say with a clear conscience that friendships and relationships are available for free. As a rule, these cannot be enforced by means of a financial transaction. But let’s prefer to be a little less abstract. What goods or services in life do people still receive for free or as gifts?

Free downloads

Since we’re on the Internet right now, we’ll start with that. Free downloads of all kinds abound on the web. And you can actually benefit from some of them. Because not always the most expensive is automatically the best. And often there is no need to purchase outrageously expensive software if there is a free alternative. Admittedly, the free versions may be somewhat more limited in terms of technical capabilities than paid applications. But they are more than sufficient for someone who is only involved in the area of interest in question as a hobby. Anyone who is professionally active obviously needs a professional application. But even there, an initial free version is often sufficient at the start.

Why not test a free trial version first?

It is not surprising that we started here with free software. There really are plenty of possibilities. The free trial versions (test versions) should also not be forgotten. In many cases, you can test the required software for a certain period (often 30 days) for free. Based on this, you can decide at the end whether you actually want to buy the product or not.

World Wide Web source of free services

But in fact, many services are offered for free on the Internet. In addition to the free version, you can often also “upgrade” to a premium version . This way you can enjoy the full range of functionalities. And let’s not forget platforms like Facebook and the like. They all cost nothing but offer a lot of useful services . This way, for example, you can keep in touch with the whole world. Presumably these phenomena do have their price in other areas. It often takes a considerable amount of time. Because how much time can be spent surfing on such online platforms? But ultimately it is up to each of us to decide how much time and/or money we want to spend on something. The internet actually brings untold things within our reach. Probably nowhere will we find as many free offers and services as on the World Wide Web. And nowhere is so much information offered without any costs .

Buying on the internet saves money

Buying on the internet has taken off enormously in just a few years. What makes online shopping so popular is the ability to compare the prices of many providers online. After all, the price of an item can vary greatly. And that doesn’t just apply to the price of a flat screen or mobile phone. But also for things like:

  • calling credits;
  • electricity rates;
  • car insurance;
  • and loans.

By comparing and purchasing items and services online, you as a consumer can save hundreds of euros. Buying on the internet equals:

  • save money;
  • stress-free and relaxed shopping;
  • and without the restriction of opening hours.

Among the absolute highlights of Internet shopping are books, music and electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers. Low prices, an extensive selection and fast delivery make purchasing these items online extremely attractive.

Does doing something that doesn’t cost money work?

But even beyond the Internet, there are absolutely free activities and offers. Imagine that you are sitting together with friends and you want to do something that does not cost money. Does that work? Yes, you might spontaneously think of a nice long walk or bike ride . But of course! Money is not needed for that at that moment. Unless you visit a restaurant or café along the way. And a nice walk through the city normally doesn’t cost a fortune, as long as you don’t let yourself be tempted by extravagant bargains in all the shops. And usually there are one or two restaurants in every city or village where you can eat cheaply . Okay, that’s not completely free, but at least considerably cheaper than some other places. And tasty meals are often offered there too. Simply browse around and find the right location. Tip: the homepage of a city or municipality usually contains a restaurant overview and possibly also a reference to leisure activities where you can immediately see the prices.

It doesn’t always have to cost a lot

In principle, there is an abundance of (sometimes not entirely free) options that do not put too much strain on your budget. One just has to want to find them. It doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money to make life worth living.