The qualities of a good boss or manager

One regularly hears people say: “He or she is a born leader”. There are indeed people who naturally interact very easily with other people. and They can position themselves in such a way that they get everything done from everyone. However, after studies, certain characteristics have been found that a good leader has. Whether it is innate or learned, it is very important as a boss or manager that you possess the following qualities:

Pleasant and reliable character

You have a character and you can’t change much about that character. However, you can learn the skills to be pleasant to work with and to be reliable. It is of utmost importance that a leader is reliable in guiding other people. He must be known as honest and just. A leader must also walk the talk and have a clear responsibility towards his people. He thus deserves the right to be respected.

Enthusiastic about the task at hand

As a boss, a leader must be enthusiastic about the work he or she does. It is also important that he has confidence in the people who work for him and that he is enthusiastic about their performance. As a boss or manager, you are supposed to be a source of inspiration for the people who work for him. But it is also important that as a leader you can convey the passion and dedication for the company to your people . As a leader you must be seen as part of the team so that you achieve the end goal together with your people. It is very important that you roll up your sleeves and be found among your people.


It is important that as a leader you take responsibility for achieving the end goal, but that you are also convinced that the end goal will be achieved in the right way. Only such a leader exudes the confidence within which everyone can work in the right way.

Positive attitude in uncertain times

A leader must also keep a cool head in unforeseen circumstances. He must also be able to demonstrate orderly and structured work. In times of uncertainty, the people who work with him will look to him for safety and the certainty that things will turn out well. As long as the leader maintains a positive attitude, the people who work with him will also remain motivated to persevere.

Remain tolerant in times of crisis

A good leader takes the ups and downs as part of his job. He remains steadfast during a crisis and leads the team through the ups and downs.

Analytical skills

It is not only important that the end goal is kept in mind. A leader must also be able to divide the work into smaller units so that the end goal is achieved together. It is important that he does not lose the overview and can manage everything and everyone where necessary.

Only the very best is good enough

A good leader does not settle for a lesser product. Only the very best is good enough for him. He will also get his team to think the same way. For his entire team, only the very best is good enough, so that together they appear strong. These are all personal characteristics that are very important for a leader. Some people already have this naturally. However, it is possible for everyone to develop and strengthen these characteristics.