Novice investor – investing for beginners

Any time of the year can be a good time to start investing. You also want to start investing, but how do you start investing, what investment advice do you use? How many euros can you start investing from? Do you also want to start investing and earn a lot of money on the stock market or with Bitcoin? For a novice investor (investing for dummies), there are a number of tips to help you start investing successfully. As an aspiring investor you can safely invest in shares, bonds, real estate, options, investment funds and turbos. How will you invest with the most returns, shares, bonds, currencies and what is Forex trading? Important questions for those who want to know more about investing for beginners and starters. Take your profits in time and remember: you learn by doing. Find a good example like Warren Buffett can be for you.

You too can start investing

  • Getting started with investing, investing for beginners, investing tips for dummies
  • What is safe investing for starters?
  • Investing as a beginner – investing as a novice investor
  • Six tips for successful investing as a beginner
  • I want to start investing, from how many euros is that possible?
  • When to enter the stock market?
  • Protect your capital against loss
  • Invest cheaply
  • Forex trading
  • Leverage Forex trading
  • Investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum
  • Slot investing for beginners and aspiring investors

Getting started with investing, investing for beginners, investing tips for dummies

You can invest in many things. There is a grant for almost everything. You can start investing in art or whisky. The art of investing is making choices and making the right choice at the right time. There have been times when tulips generated a lot of money, but those are times we will never see again. Trade must have value and potential. It’s the same with shares. Be sure to buy shares that have sufficient growth potential and can therefore rise considerably in price on the stock market.

What is safe investing for starters?

Safe investing is a relative concept, because investing is almost never without risk. However, there are a number of things you can pay attention to to keep this risk manageable:

  • You protect your shares with options on turbos.
  • You spread your investments and thus ensure spread of risk in investments.
  • You enter low and exit high.
  • You don’t invest with emotion.
  • You take profits in time.

Investing as a beginner – investing as a novice investor

Many investors now look at the shares on the Euronext, London or New York stock exchange. With the AEX or the Dow Jones as the stock market index. The tangle of index figures on NYSE Euronext already indicates that a lot is possible here. Unfortunately, it scares some people, but fortunately there is no need for that. There are a number of things that are of great importance to an investor and can help them invest successfully.

Six tips for successful investing as a beginner

There are certainly a number of tips for successful investing:

Want to start buying shares or bonds?

Large profits and losses can be made with both shares and bonds. You can save safely with high returns with bonds. If you serve the term with bonds and you do not care about any falling prices in the meantime, there is no problem. Certainly not if you invest in Dutch government bonds. This is significantly different with shares. Those who keep their bonds for the entire term will not be affected by price fluctuations, because they will receive the full bond issue price back upon expiry. This is different for those who buy or sell in the meantime. Remember that as interest rates rise, the price of a bond falls. Conversely, if interest rates fall, the value of your bonds will rise, because the coupon interest you receive has become relatively more valuable. The bonds of countries such as Greece, Spain and Portugal can also be seen as riskier, while the German and Dutch bonds are among the safest bonds in the world.

Shares or derivatives?

The risks on the stock market can be great. What will you invest in and through whom? There is plenty of choice. Consider Degiro for cheap investing in shares, bonds, options, ETFs, CFDs, futures and the like. But these derivatives can also help you protect your package of shares. So it is best to choose a good combination of shares and derivatives.

Investing in an investment fund

Or do you not invest yourself, but put your money in an investment fund with a fund manager who invests for you and receives a reward for it.

Buy gold as an investment

But you don’t have to choose shares, derivatives or an investment fund either. For example, buy gold as an investment. Bar gold, physical gold or silver or securities with gold as the underlying value.

Also see your house as an investment

Your house is also an investment. An investment that is strongly encouraged by the government through the deduction of mortgage interest. A well-maintained house, located in a good location, will certainly provide a good return.

Invest like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet has a sophisticated strategy for investors: only invest in things you understand. This way you can invest successfully just like Warren Buffett.

I want to start investing, from how many euros is that possible?

And we can go on like this for a while. Investing starts with making choices. You can only spend your euro once and you naturally want to do so safely and with a good return. But it is not only novice investors who struggle with the question of what is best to invest in. Everyone does that, but making the right choices is essential. When investing you pay transaction costs. As a result, you must achieve sufficient returns to make a net profit and a minimum amount is required. With a small investment, the costs often do not outweigh the returns. An exception to this is investing in turbos, where the investment is much smaller than when buying shares yourself. There are more advantages to turbos as an investment. Asset managers usually ask for a capital of at least 50,000 euros or 100,000 euros. Even investing is often cheaper.

When to enter the stock market?

Unfortunately, no one knows when it is best to enter the stock market. However, the entry point and the price you pay are crucial for the return you will make. Because no bell goes off once the bottom or top has been reached on the stock market, it is a good strategy not to invest all your money at once, but to do so in a spread. For example, you buy something extra every week or every month.

Protect your capital against loss

Capital protection is also very important. You don’t want to lose your money. To protect your capital, there are all kinds of investment structures with turbos or options, for example. Consider put options if you think the stock market will fall. Also choose to spread across multiple investments, such as bonds, shares and real estate. Do stock picking. This means buying investments for which you see good prospects and which are currently relatively cheap and selling them later at a significant profit.

Invest cheaply

Cheap investing at low costs is also possible with DeGiRo, Binck or Lynx, among others. These platforms enable investing at low costs and have recently further reduced fees. The larger the transactions, the lower the costs are relatively. Take advantage of this, because it makes cheap investing possible for every private individual.

Forex trading

Forex trading is trading in currencies via Forex or Currency trading. Forex stands for Foreign Exchange. With Forex trading you can make money online 24 hours a day with currency trading. You trade in currency pairs and can therefore consistently achieve interesting returns, regardless of the state of the economy. You buy and sell in the same transaction. While you buy one currency, you sell the other. Forex trading can be done with turbos, for example. The most traded currency pairs are:

  • EUR/USD. This is the ratio of the euro to the US dollar.
  • GBP/USD. This is the ratio of the British pound to the US dollar.
  • AUD/USD. The Australian dollar versus the US dollar.
  • USD/CAD. The US dollar versus the Canadian dollar.
  • USD/CHF. This is the US dollar against the Swiss franc.
  • USD/JPY. This is the US dollar against the Japanese yen.

Leverage Forex trading

When trading currency pairs, a small change can make a large profit due to leverage. The leverage can even be 400:1, but also less. For example 50:1. The following ratios are most commonly traded:

  • 50:1
  • 100:1
  • 150:1
  • 200:1
  • 400:1

Investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum

You can make a lot of money with crypto coins, but the risks are also high. It may well be that you have not followed the prices of bitcoin or ethereum for six months and the prices have risen explosively. Prices can also fall sharply in the meantime. This means that everyone can benefit from price movements, but these coins must match your investor profile. Perhaps Bitcoin is not really something for beginners, but many beginners do try it.

Slot investing for beginners and aspiring investors

Whatever you choose as an investor, the main rule is that you spread your money and assets. As an experienced or starting investor. Not putting everything in the same basket is the golden rule of investing. Choose several promising investments and place your money in different sectors of our economy. Spread your money when investing, be well informed and before you start investing for real, try investing on paper to see how you like it. Because even large investors, such as our largest pension funds, do not always know where they can invest successfully. And what should a novice investor do? Just take it easy. And once you’ve mastered the tricks, you can further expand your investments. Because in the longer term, investing in the stock market still appears to be a very profitable business. Good luck with this.

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