Gain brand recognition as an SME

SMEs want many customers. Because having many customers helps you become profitable. Good services or products are of course the basis, but it is also necessary to gain some brand awareness. This can be done in the traditional way, but by using the internet properly, companies can reach a mass of customers in one fell swoop.

Brand awareness

Anyone who starts a business usually does not have a lot of money left to set up expensive advertising campaigns. A company like the Coca – Cola Company produces videos and posters for its various products every year. An SME has to make do with a limited budget that only allows for a few pages in a local newspaper. Yet it is very important that enough customers flow in so that your company can grow. One of the ways to become known is word of mouth . Unfortunately, this shape is the least likely to be influenced. All you can do is offer good services or products and hope for satisfied customers. Fortunately, today there are several options for SMEs to advertise or reach customers.


The first way to market your business is through advertising . There are often local newspapers and magazines that sell pages or part of a page as advertising space. These leaves arrive in people’s mailboxes, so potential customers who browse through them can get to know your company. The downside is that these ads can cost some money and only appear a few times at best.


Another way is to distribute flyers . You can get started yourself by putting them in the mailbox everywhere or you can place them in local places such as the library or eateries. There are often many promotions when you order flyers online and you can decide how much money you want to spend on them. If you create a design yourself, it may cost more, but it will ensure that your company stands out. Those who have a smaller budget can opt for a more fixed model. You can reach many people through flyers, but there is also a good chance that they will quickly end up as waste paper.


A company that has been around for a longer time, has a more established customer base and a larger budget can also consider sponsorship . Because even if you already have many customers, advertising remains important. For example, you can also reach many people by sponsoring the local football team. For example, for a certain amount you can have your logo put on the jerseys. This way, a relatively large number of people will see your company. You also get a link with a large group of people who will in turn feel an obligation to choose your product or company if the need arises.


Finally, the ideal way is of course to use the internet. A good website is indispensable for every company. Everyone has a PC these days and Google is often the first option chosen when people need something. You can attract people to your website via search engines or advertising ads . This makes the step of requesting information via email much smaller. People quickly send an email for additional information or a price quote and wait patiently for an answer. It costs nothing and is also very without obligation. Websites are also important for regular customers. If a company keeps its website up to date with holiday periods, opening hours, special promotions, etc., there is a good chance that customers will return to the website more often. For example, they avoid standing in front of a closed door during the holidays and the company can avoid them going to a competitor. Customers are also more likely to return if they find a particular promotion interesting and have already seen this promotion on the internet. Different price ranges are also possible here . You can opt for a complete website, but you can also opt for a page that contains the bare necessities. This basic version costs much less than a publication in the yellow pages and it reaches many more people. Advertising in this way does not have to be expensive and you can also include it in taxes. If customers can reach you via a website, you are already one step ahead!