Millions won change your life

People who have won a very large prize in a lottery have a different life overnight. Winning millions can bring a lot of happiness, but not everyone gets a happier life. The chance of winning a very large prize in a lottery is very small, but it is there. You have a small chance, but every year several dozen people in the Netherlands win a prize of one million or more. The prizes to be won in lotteries are getting higher and higher. As soon as the state lottery has more than twenty million in the jackpot, more tickets will be sold. Twenty years ago there was a maximum of 100,000 guilders to be won in the Lotto, but those times are far behind us.

Continue working or quit work?

Most employees have a job that they do not consider their hobby. Winning millions gave them the opportunity to quit the job. They can now go for the job they would most like to have. A Jobtrack survey found that almost 75 percent of employees would quit their job after winning millions. Of these people, 30 percent declare that they will no longer work at all. The rest go for a dream job or entrepreneurship. The research also found that men are more likely to quit work, while women look for her dream job.

How a big prize affects lives

A big prize turns your life completely upside down. An assistant director of the Postcode Lottery indicated in an interview in 2005 that winning a large prize is comparable to losing a loved one. Only after six months will you realize what has happened. After winning such a prize, you will receive professional guidance. This often turns out to be necessary to get life back on track. This will include support from a tax specialist. The Postcode Lottery also organizes a fellow sufferer day every year. Here, award winners can share their stories.

What to spend money on?

Most millionaire winners will first buy a new and large car. This is followed by an expensive vacation to ultimately buy another house. It also often appears that the prize winners do not realize at first how much money they now have. For example, they often first choose to renovate their current home. Later they realize that they can buy a much more expensive house. After the renovation, they will still buy their dream home.

How do relationships change?

A couple that often argues about financial problems can put the problems behind them. Relationships can also be broken because of this. People who were still together from a financial point of view will use this prize to start building their own lives.

How does the environment react?

The environment often has a lot of difficulty dealing with it. New friends show up and old friends don’t know how to deal with it. They expect you to pay for them more often and come to borrow money from you. The moment you ask for the amount lent back, they think you are being cheap. The money can negatively affect relationships with friends.