Sustainable investing is increasingly profitable

With sustainable investing, also called socially responsible investing or ethical investing, the money is invested in funds of companies that combine the greatest possible profit with care for employees, the environment, society and the animal world. In certain sectors there is often no investment at all, such as the arms, tobacco and gambling industries.

Small differences

More and more investors are aware of social and environmental aspects and want to reflect this in their investments in addition to their daily lives. The differences in performance between sustainable and non-sustainable similar funds have become relatively small. In addition, as a sustainable investor you are entitled to a tax benefit.

Tax benefit

In BOX 3, all assets and liabilities are included and taxed, such as bank accounts, securities portfolios, second homes, etc. It is possible to achieve a tax advantage if you invest in so-called social investments that can be divided into two groups, green investments and social-ethical investments. Green investments are funds that invest in environmental protection such as wind turbines, solar energy or organic farming. Social-ethical investments are funds that, for example, contribute to development in Third World countries.

A number of funds that stand out

As they say, ASN Bank bases all investment forms on the same principle: a good return for you and a substantial contribution to the world of tomorrow. The ASN Milieu & Waterfonds provides a good return, but with a high risk. ASN Bond Fund, which invests worldwide in fixed-income securities of governments, companies and institutions, has a smaller risk, with the caveat that the fund uses a unique method to also assess governments on their contribution to society. The ASN Bank funds with risk content:

  • ASN Duurzaam Aandelenfonds, shares of companies worldwide, with great risk
  • ASN Sustainable Bond Fund, Bonds from euro countries that have been selected, with low risk
  • ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds, Global shares and bonds of euro countries, with medium risk
  • ASN Milieu & Waterfonds, Shares of companies worldwide that are active in environmental and water technology, high risk
  • ASN Duurzaam Small & Midcapfonds, Shares of European small and medium-sized companies, with high risk
  • ASN Groenprojectenfonds, Projects in the field of sustainable construction, green energy and nature, with low risk
  • ASN-Novib Microcredit Fund, Microfinance institutions that provide small loans with a low risk

Triodos Bank invests in shares that all contribute to positive developments in society. An example: Triodos Cultuurfonds, tax-free cultural investment with a tax benefit on top of the fund return. Investing in Triodos Groenfonds can yield varying results. Moreover, Triodos Groenfonds is winner of the FD Morningstar Award 2009 in the EUR Corporate Bonds category. Triodos Bank’s investment products with the returns achieved in 2009:

  • Share certificates, invest in Triodos Bank yourself
  • Triodos Fair Share Fund, supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries worldwide
  • Triodos Groenfonds, investing in organic agriculture and sustainable energy
  • Triodos Cultural Fund, investing in art and culture in the Netherlands
  • Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund, shares of sustainable listed companies
  • Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund, bonds from companies with a good social & environmental score
  • Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund, shares and bonds of sustainable companies worldwide
  • Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund, Investing in innovative sustainable companies
  • Triodos Renewables Europe Fund, Investor in small producers of clean energy.
  • Triodos Real Estate Fund, encouraging innovative sustainable construction in the Netherlands

Sustainable investing

These so-called ‘green banks’ are no longer the only ones in the field of sustainable investing. Regular banks such as ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank enter the investment market with relevant products.