The job interview: what can be asked and what cannot

Sometimes all kinds of personal questions are asked during a job interview. It is good to know that this is not allowed at all and that an applicant does not have to answer it. What questions can be asked during a job interview? And which questions should not be asked during a job interview?

Job interview: determining whether someone is suitable for the position

A job interview determines whether someone meets the requirements set for the right candidate. So what matters is whether or not someone is suitable for that particular position. It should not matter whether someone is man or woman, is of the same gender or has a background other than Dutch.

Questions relevant to the position

During a job interview, you should only ask questions that relate to the work itself. In many cases, questions about someone’s private life have nothing to do with it at all. So they do not need to be asked. If this does happen, the person in question does not have to answer it.

The question: “Are you pregnant?” should not be asked during a job interview

Although many women do not know it, an employer may not give an applicant the job because she is pregnant. In fact, questions in this area should not even be asked because they lead to indirect discrimination on the basis of gender, as they say. Therefore, you may not be asked about your desire to have children or family circumstances during a job interview. The reality is often very different. Women are often asked about this. This is very different for men. They are almost never asked whether they want to have children or whether their partner is pregnant.

Questions about health during a job application

Also, no questions about someone’s health should be asked during a job interview. This also applies to the number of times someone has been ill with a previous boss.

Medical examination and job interview

During an application procedure, an employer may not require the applicant to undergo a medical examination. There is one but and that is if the position entails certain medical requirements. This is called a pre-employment inspection. An appointment examination determines whether someone is medically fit to perform a position.