Get pet insurance

Want to take out insurance for a pet? If you have a pet at home, it is a good idea to take out good pet insurance. Preferably pet insurance that can be taken out cheaply online. The vet is not cheap and in the event of accidents, the medical expenses for your pet, dog or cat, can be high. For relatively little money per month you can already have good pet insurance and that is cheap for your cat or dog.

You should insure a pet when young, because it is cheap

It is best to insure your pet, dog, cat, you name it, as young as possible. The younger your pet is, the lower the premiums payable, because the age at the time of registration determines the premium and not how old your dog ultimately becomes. When your pet grows old, you can enjoy cheaper pet insurance for a long time, which will make a significant difference to your wallet.

Which pet insurance should I take out, how much does pet insurance cost?

As with any insurance, you must first understand which costs are covered by the insurance. It is of no use to you if certain expenses for your pet are not reimbursed, while you had expected this. Cheap insurance with a high deductible can quickly become expensive, while good pet insurance does not have to be that expensive at all. Make no mistake: the competition is fierce. You can also easily take out pet insurance online. Compare the costs of insurance. For a small amount you can get good insurance for your pet.

What is good pet insurance for my animals?

Good pet insurance covers many risks. This means you have health insurance, travel insurance, term life insurance and accident insurance. You can often also choose a specific insurance package. When it comes to health insurance, you can opt for a certain basic healthcare package, but also for all kinds of additional insurance. It makes quite a difference whether you travel a lot with your pet, spend a lot of time abroad, or almost always at home. Also, not all animals are always accepted for insurance. For example, there are pet insurance policies that exclude dogs that are used for guarding, fighting, sports and so on. You can often find an insurer who is also willing to insure a pet from these categories, but under strict conditions and at a higher premium. Damage due to intent and your own fault is everywhere excluded from compensation. And as with any insurance, no payment will be made if it turns out that you provided incorrect information when registering.

Which costs are reimbursed by the insurance?

Which costs will be reimbursed by the insurance in your case depends largely on the insurance, but you can consider, for example, the costs for:

  • Necessary medical expenses and veterinary treatments;
  • The vet’s and clinic’s fees;
  • The necessary medical treatments including anesthesia and operations;
  • A necessary admission to the vet or clinic up to a maximum number of days;
  • Necessary investigations;
  • X-rays, blood tests and the like if they are necessary for the treatment and healing of your pet;
  • The veterinary medicinal products registered in the Netherlands and the means and aids for the direct treatment of illness or accident;
  • The costs of euthanasia up to a certain maximum amount;
  • The costs of castration and sterilization on medical grounds.

This list could be made much longer. Please note that sometimes only part of the costs are reimbursed.

Compare pet insurance prices online

A number of considerations still play a role when taking out insurance:

  • How old is your pet. Check whether your dog is refused by the insurer. You may have to pay a little extra.
  • Pet in known risk group or not. Certain dog breeds or cats have a greater risk of illness or ailments. Find out if that is a problem. On the other hand, if you are insured, you run much less risk. Think of the bulldog, sharpei or, for example, dogs that are sensitive to hip dysplasia, such as shepherds.
  • Charges are coming. Please note that sometimes a certain period must pass before an insurance policy pays out. So be on time and wait a while before the procedure if possible.

Insurance for cats is important

Health insurance is also important for the cat. The healthcare costs are expensive. The consultation, surgery, examinations, medicines and aids are usually reimbursed. there is a deductible and usually also a maximum reimbursement per insurance year. The premium for a cat also depends on its age. So the younger the better. Well-known diseases are:

  • Cat flu with recognizable symptoms such as sneezing, watery and purulent eyes.
  • Feline distemper with symptoms such as vomiting, fever and dehydration.
  • CIN, chronic interstitial nephritis with symptoms such as losing weight, eating less and drinking more and diarrhea.

A few pet insurers at a glance

Some well-known insurers that offer good insurance for your pet are companies such as:

  • Proteq;
  • Hema;
  • Pet plan;
  • SNS.

The amount of the premiums for a supplementary package

The premium for your dog or cat depends on the breed, weight, gender and age. You can insure a cat cheaper than a dog. Insuring a cat costs on average between 10 and 20 euros per month. There is usually also a personal contribution that you have to pay. An additional package is also available including sterilization and castration, homeopathy, physiotherapy, behavioral therapy and much more. Most supplementary insurance policies reimburse the following costs or part thereof:

  • Sterilization and castration;
  • Dental treatments;
  • All kinds of vaccinations;
  • Cremation.

Pet insurance: advantages and disadvantages

Some advantages at a glance:

  • You save yourself high costs.
  • Insurance is easy to take out.
  • Pet insurance doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • You do not have to reserve money for treatment.
  • You can easily go to the vet and do not have to postpone treatment.

Some disadvantages of taking out pet insurance:

  • The insurance lasts for years at a time. You pay even if there is nothing wrong with your pet;
  • There is often a deductible.

Take out pet insurance

For many people, their pet is a great asset and they want to be able to do everything for the animal. Good insurance often makes this affordable. The premium is so low that this insurance is cheaper than paying for surgery for your pet yourself. View the various pet insurance offers and compare exactly what is insured and whether it meets your needs. Medical costs are always high, even for animals.