Take out a loan quickly

Taking out a loan quickly means looking for information. You want to borrow money quickly, so you are considering a quick loan, preferably in a responsible manner. Because anyone who needs money quickly and is going to take out a loan quickly, first informs themselves about the loan types and information about interest. You can borrow money quickly with a personal loan, revolving credit or annuity loan. The annuity loan usually offers a lower interest rate. And can you quickly take out a loan without a BKR assessment?

Take out a loan quickly without BKR

It is possible to quickly take out a loan from lenders who are not affiliated with BKR. If you take out a loan from these lenders, no BKR assessment will take place. You can borrow money quickly without a BKR assessment, for example, from various department stores and mail order companies. If you want to borrow money quickly in this way, BKR registration will not be required and information about your loan and the money provided to you will not be passed on to the BKR. Even if you have a negative BKR registration, you can borrow money quickly this way. When you need money quickly, this may seem attractive. But BKR has a function and that is to prevent consumers from entering into large payment obligations. The BKR protects consumers against themselves. And because you can quickly take out a loan via the Internet, this may happen on an impulse. Keep in mind that you are tied to it for years and that you may pay high interest. Although you immediately benefit from the advantages of the fast loan, the costs will not be incurred at a later stage. The question is therefore whether taking out a loan quickly is also taking out a loan responsibly.

How can I borrow money quickly?

Personal loan

The personal loan is a popular form of borrowing. With this personal loan, the lender and the borrower determine a number of matters before taking out the loan, such as: the level of the (fixed) interest rate, the amount of the repayments and the term of the loan. Characteristic of the personal loan is the monthly term, which remains the same for the entire term. The monthly installment consists of repayment and interest. It is not possible to withdraw the amounts you have repaid in the meantime.

  • A fixed interest rate
  • Constant monthly installments
  • Do not record in between

Revolving credit

A revolving credit is also a popular form of loan. With a revolving credit, unlike a personal loan, it is possible to withdraw amounts you had previously repaid in the meantime. A revolving credit is therefore a flexible form of borrowing. Here too, you agree in advance with the lender how much you will withdraw and when. You only pay interest when you have actually withdrawn an amount and you then only pay interest on the amount withdrawn. The interest is variable. This means that you do not know exactly in advance what your interest costs will be. You can repay in installments, but you can also repay whenever you want, i.e. in the meantime. You can withdraw amounts that you have repaid at any time. You can repay additional amounts without penalty.

  • Variable interest that you only pay on the amount withdrawn
  • Early repayment without penalty
  • Record in between

Annuity loan

The annuity loan is very similar to the personal loan. You pay a fixed amount every month to repay your loan. The amount consists of interest and repayment. The debt decreases after each payment and the interest payment on the residual debt also decreases. And so more is repaid every month on the annuity loan because the monthly interest and repayment remain the same. The annuity loan also has a fixed interest rate, fixed term and fixed monthly installment. An annuity loan is an interesting loan because this loan form usually offers a lower interest rate than a revolving credit.

  • Fixed interest
  • Fixed term
  • Fixed monthly term
  • Usually lower interest than with revolving credit