Borrow despite negative BKR

Having a negative BKR and therefore having an arrears report in your name is common. Still, you want to borrow money. When will you receive such a negative BKR code? Borrowing an amount of 1,000 euros or a loan of 1,500 euros or more is often still possible, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. This can be done without collateral, but also the fast flash loan and a flash loan from a number of specific companies can be given despite a negative BKR. Turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Also request your BKR report yourself. View the BKR codes. What BKR listing do you have? Try to prevent, eliminate or remove a negative BKR. Borrowing money with a positive BKR is never a problem. A mortgage is not registered, but arrears in mortgage payments after three monthly installments are.

What does the Credit Registration Office do with a loan?

The Credit Registration Office stores all kinds of information about you, such as what you borrow, how much you borrow and the status of debt payments and creditworthiness. It receives this data from affiliated credit institutions and banks. Not all companies are affiliated, which makes borrowing without BKR testing and borrowing money possible quickly.

Negative BKR, BKR codes after your name

The agency maintains many codes. It becomes more annoying if you are registered as someone with a negative BKR. Annoying, because borrowing is then a lot more difficult and annoying, because your payment behavior remains registered for a long time. You can make reparations, but you will still be damaged for a long time. Too bad, because enough people only have a temporary problem. Due to the temporary loss of work or a business that temporarily slows down. It is pointless to mark everyone who has paid poorly for a long time with a negative code. But it does happen, even though you have improved your life.

Incorrect BKR registration is also possible

Unfortunately, it also happens that people have wrongly received the wrong coding. They only find out when they no longer receive extra money. And then it is up to the consumer to find out who provided the wrong information. Only to be able to correct the mistake again with great effort. Of course, the BKR also has a good function, but it can go too far and really bother you. All households can inquire via the internet how much credit they have outstanding according to the Credit Registration Office and whether arrears are stated.

Have a plausible explanation

In the event of a negative BKR, a bank can ask for a plausible explanation. This is a written statement in which you provide an understandable cause and make it plausible that the chance of recurrence is very small.

Telecommunications and mobile phone providers keep the BKR out, role of Preventel

The BKR does not take the amount into account: negative is negative. The telecom companies Vodafone, T-Mobile and KPN/Telfort also think this is going too far. No more data is passed on to the BKR, no more BKR coding as a result of a telephone subscription. Student debt is also not registered with the BKR. But beware, Preventel has taken care of part of the registration, so providers can quickly find out whether someone is on a blacklist.

How can I request my BKR registration?

You can always check who has requested your data recently and what your registration is. You can request your BKR report with all your data for a small fee. It will then become clear whether mistakes have been made and whether you wrongly have a negative registration. You can also find out your details by requesting the report to date through your lender. If mistakes have been made, and they certainly will, they will only be changed if your lender instructs them to do so. That may take several weeks or longer. If you cannot or do not want to wait for this, there are all kinds of alternatives to get money despite a negative registration . For example, consider a loan bank where you can always go.

Who can request my details from the BKR, the blacklist?

The data can only be requested by companies that are affiliated with the BKR. Companies that request the data then check whether they want to give you a new credit. Not every company uses the same criteria and not every company is equally generous. Moreover, there are also companies that are not affiliated. Borrowing from them in particular can be a lot easier despite BKR. On the other hand, the interest rate is usually somewhat higher to cover the greater risk involved. It is the lender who ultimately decides on the credit application.

BKR listing explained, what are the codes?

There are six different codes that indicate the status of your payments on a loan. The letters A and H are the codes for Arrears or Recovery of Payments. In addition, there are four more codes that further specify the situation:

  • Code A: : a payment arrears have occurred. This is the backlog notification.
  • Code H: : the payment arrears have been recovered. Code A is replaced by code H.
  • Code A1: there has been a certain period of payment arrears and a repayment arrangement or debt arrangement has been made with you.
  • Code A2: the remainder of the loan has become immediately due and payable due to payment arrears. The bank may have your personal assets and income seized by the court.
  • Code A3 : at least €250 of the debt has been written off. In the case of a total discharge of the debt, the end date is also mentioned.
  • Code A4: you cannot be found by the authorities involved. This means that there is no known permanent place of residence and you cannot currently be traced.
  • Code OA stands for operational car lease (private lease of a car).

A backlog is always registered, regardless of the amount of the backlog. Even if you have caught up, this remains visible. The H is only mentioned as long as the agreement continues. It is also good to know that a registration remains valid for at least five years and can therefore always be found by the institutions affiliated with the BKR. There are two ways to get rid of a registration:

  • Submit an application for this yourself to the BKR. You will then receive a message about your coding and if you do not agree with the coding and the credit provider does not help you, you can file a complaint with the BKR.
  • The registration can be deleted at the request of the loan provider.

Borrowing money despite a negative BKR, is that possible?

Almost everyone is registered with the BKR, but not everyone has a negative registration there. Anyone who has a credit of at least three months with an amount between 500 and 175,000 is in principle known to this agency. The condition is that the institution from which you borrow is also affiliated with the Credit Registration Office and that is not always the case. Moreover, a lender may interpret the information received itself. More than 11 million Dutch people are known to the Credit Registration Office. Sometimes you can also get a negative coding behind your name due to mistakes by the lender or credit intermediary.

Borrow with a negative BKR

It will be clear that every case is different and that it can all take a while. Moreover, there may now be a different family composition, a different income, different perspectives, other reasons for not paying on time and so on. That is why it is good that it is often possible to borrow quickly. First of all, this is possible if you remain below the borrowing limit that the BKR applies. Anyone who wants to borrow a few hundred euros quickly can choose from several companies for a flash loan or flash credit. A mini-loan can quickly be requested via Ferratum, for example. If you pay it back quickly, you can apply for a new loan. Anyone aged 21 and over can go there.

A revolving credit or a personal loan?

You can easily contact Amstelgeld or Kredietspotter for a revolving credit or personal loan. They will ask you questions and usually come up with a good solution quickly. What about students. For them, a negative BKR is usually not a problem. There appears to be no obstacle at all for medical students to take out extra credit. In addition to a part-time job and student financing. You can often overdraw at the bank or perhaps still knock on the door of family and friends. You may be able to pawn something for a good amount at a pawn shop or pawn shop. But the fastest is and remains the flash loan. However, the amounts are limited to a maximum of 700 euros.

Amount of the amount you can borrow despite BKR

Borrowing with a negative BKR often also means that certain choices have to be made:

  • For example, borrow with collateral and you will not be bothered by BKR codes;
  • Choose smaller amounts;
  • You can choose to pay back slowly or relatively quickly. From a few days to a maximum of 3.5 years;
  • You can look at a loan abroad, such as Belgium;
  • Try to undo a negative BKR if the listing is not correct.

Key lock

So there are countless possibilities. The criterion is that the loan is responsible. If you already have a loan, you may be able to refinance it at a lower interest rate. If this is successful, an additional credit can usually also be taken out. Discuss these options with a bank or lender and also look online to see what they can do for you. A mention and coding certainly do not have to mean the end, but can also be the start of a good new beginning.

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