Reserve a fixed amount for fun things

You want to spend less money on the so-called fun things. To maintain this in the long term, you need to set a goal. It is also important not to make the amount too low. Otherwise, you may give up on your good intentions in no time.


This article is intended to be informative. Of course, you remain responsible for (financial) choices in your life. The NIBUD site ( is a good starting point for questions about money. Take timely action if problems arise and seek advice from reliable and qualified advisors.

Why are you setting a goal?

You have a reason to set a limit on the amount you can spend on fun things. If you have decided that you are going to take this step, it means that you have probably come to the conclusion that you need to save money. To be successful in the long term, it is best to determine an amount that you can spend per month. You might want to make a separate wallet for it. Like: if the money in this wallet runs out, then I have spent my monthly amount. It is also true that plastic money is easier to spend than physical money. So if you want to save money, this old-fashioned method might be recommended. It is also known that if you keep extensive track of what you spend, you will almost automatically spend less money. So write down what you spend. Even if it’s just a simple notebook, take it everywhere.

A different view of your environment

Why do you actually want to spend less on nice things? What do you mean by nice things? Sometimes keeping track of all those gadgets takes an incredible amount of time and money. For example, if you purchase an ebook reader, it is great that you can now store many documents on this handy device. However, the purchase price is not small. If you only want to read some English paperbacks that you will then pass on or throw away, you might as well go to the thrift store and buy a paperback for a small amount. You have to buy a lot of paperbacks before you reach the amount that such a handy ebook reader costs. With such a reader you first have to spend time getting to know the software. So all those gadgets are flashy and beautiful, but require quite a bit of investment in time and money. Sometimes the old way is enough.

How do you stay motivated?

To continue with your good intentions, it is important that you can regularly see your progress. This can be done with a graph on your phone, a large, transparent piggy bank in a prominent place or a graph on the wall. The so-called peak pipe is very clear. This money box in the shape of a tube is made of a transparent material on which the amount is indicated with dashes. There are also digital piggy banks that you get when you open a savings account where the display shows how much is already in it. Also clear.

Become less materialistic

Scientific research has shown that the more television you watch, the more materialistic you become. Even if you spend a lot of time analyzing advertising, you will be influenced. It’s best just not to hang in front of the tube too much. Choose a fun, cheap and satisfying hobby where you also meet nice people. You can also do volunteer work. Then you kill two birds with one stone: you get to know people and you also do something for society. All this for almost nothing.