Save a lot of money with the exciting lunch box

You take your own lunch more often to school, to work or you just have lunch at home. This can have several reasons. You want to check what you consume in calories and nutrients or you want to save money. How do you ensure that you don’t give in to other snacks? How do you keep your lunchbox exciting?


This article is intended to be informative. Of course, you remain responsible for (financial) choices in your life. The NIBUD site ( is a good starting point for questions about money. Take timely action if problems arise and seek advice from reliable and qualified advisors.

A diet?

You may want to watch your calories. Then it is very wise to bring your own lunch box. You are then not dependent on whether or not the food in your canteen is healthy. Unfortunately, it is also often the case that fattening sauces are mixed into salads. It would be better to offer the salads and sauces separately. You may also follow a special salt-free or other diet. If you bring your own food, you know what ingredients you are getting and you are assured of the energy value of your food. An additional advantage of bringing your own lunch is that you now have the opportunity to take a lunch walk when the weather is good. This gets your metabolism going again and burns extra calories.

Your budget

In addition, this can also save you money. In some canteens, healthy alternatives (salads, fruit) are often more expensive than fried snacks. The supply can also be quite limited. There is usually no more choice of fruit than the orange and the apple. The fruit is often sold so little that it is no longer really tasty. In some companies, Friday is the standard fries day. There is not much other offer. Furthermore, it often happens that if you have lunch last, the foods of your choice are already sold out. For cost reasons, supplements are not always replenished. The same problem also occurs quite often at the end of the week. Because people then think that things will spoil during the weekend, they are no longer replenished.


If you bring your own lunch, you have control over the nutritional value, composition, availability and costs.

Stay motivated: keep track of your savings

To stay motivated and happy, it is important that you keep track of your progress, or rather savings. The most visual is the so-called peak pipe. This is a tube made of transparent PVC with a graduation that indicates how much money is already inside. You also have piggy banks for children that keep track of how much is in them. The amount is shown. If you save three euros on your lunch for forty-five weeks a year, you will end up with an amount of fifteen euros per week if you work five days a week. Per year, that means a saving of fifteen euros for you alone, times forty-five weeks is six hundred and seventy-five euros. Count your profit if you eat out with more family members. If you can save this amount alone for two adults, you are already at a net amount of thirteen hundred and fifty euros per year. This amount is worth it.


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How do you keep your lunch exciting?

You don’t have to just take bread and cheese in your lunch box. Also invest in a number of take-away containers that look attractive and are of good quality. Think in terms of salad containers, a higher container for an apple or cake from time to time. Pickles are very tasty and low in calories. A variation option is to fill a wrap with treats instead of a sandwich. If you have multiple family members, you don’t have to eat wraps all week. Everyone just gets a wrap for lunch. Then the package is empty. Fill such a wrap with tasty iceberg lettuce, pieces of smoked chicken and a tasty sauce. Success assured. You can also vary the type of bread or bake your own bread. It is important that your lunch box is so challenging that you are not inclined to eat anything else.