Fashioncheque: which (large) stores participate?

A Fashioncheque is a gift voucher that can be used to purchase fashion and fashion accessories at thousands of stores and merchants. The large number of acceptors is the strength of the Fashioncheque and makes it distinctive compared to gift vouchers from individual fashion chains that can only be used at those stores. But where can the Fashion Check be spent or spent? And which major retail chains are participating? The nicest and best-known Fashioncheque acceptors have been listed.


The Fashioncheque is a gift voucher aimed at the fashion segment. With a Fashioncheque, the recipient can buy clothing, shoes, bags, fashion accessories, etc. This concerns fashion for women, men and children. The Fashioncheque can be purchased and spent in thousands of fashion stores throughout the country. The fashion voucher is sold and can be purchased in any amount between €5 and €150. The Fashioncheque can be purchased at participating fashion stores in values of 20, 50 and 100. The credit on the Fashioncheque is valid for 1 year after activation and does not have to be spent all at once. So you can make multiple purchases with one Fashioncheque. Your credit can be checked via the online balance checker on the Fashioncheque website or via the Fashioncheque app.

Small fashion shops

The Fashioncheque is accepted in thousands of stores in the Netherlands. This includes many small shops such as boutiques, sole proprietorships, and so on. These stores usually only have one location in the whole of the Netherlands. The nice thing about this is that there is a chance that the clothing they sell is often unique: you may be the only one wearing it! Via the Fashioncheque website you can easily generate an overview of all Fashioncheque acceptance points in the Netherlands.

Big chain stores

In addition to the many small retailers and shops, several large retail and fashion chains are also participating. These retail chains can be found in almost every large and medium-sized city in the Netherlands. So when you go shopping for a day, you can always visit one of those chains to redeem your Fashioncheque. A selection of the large(er) retail chains that participate in the Fashioncheque is shown below:

  • AmericaToday
  • Be One
  • Bristol
  • C&A
  • Claudia Strater
  • CoolCat
  • Culture Mix
  • the Beehive
  • The Red Shop
  • Didi
  • Dungelmann shoes
  • Ecco Shop
  • Esprit
  • Gsus Industries
  • G Star
  • H&M
  • HEMA
  • Hunkemoller
  • Intersport
  • Jack & Jones
  • Lucardi Jeweler
  • Manfield
  • Men_at_Work
  • Miss Etam
  • ONLY
  • Revenge
  • Shoeby Fashion
  • Steps
  • Suitsupply
  • Takko Fashion
  • Vero Moda
  • WE Fashion

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet

Although it is not a large retail chain, Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet in Lelystad does consist of a large number of stores. It is possible to exchange your Fashion Check for a Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet Gift Voucher. This gift voucher can then be spent at the 100 stores of the outlet center. This includes numerous stores of major and well-known fashion brands.

Online stores

In addition to the ‘physical’ stores, hundreds of online stores are also affiliated with the Fashioncheque. This means that you can also use your Fashioncheque for purchases in the online store. For example, Zalando and Omoda are affiliated with the fashion gift voucher. A module has been integrated into the payment system of the online stores that allows you to spend the value of your gift voucher online. An overview of the affiliated online stores is maintained on the Fashioncheque website. Because online stores are often cheaper than regular stores, it certainly doesn’t hurt to visit them. An additional advantage is that you do not have to leave your house because the products are delivered to your home.

More than just fashion

You may have noticed this when going through the acceptors. In addition to fashion stores, the Fashioncheque can also be spent at, for example, jewelers. The fact that De Bijenkorf is connected also significantly increases the spending options. In addition to fashion, the range at these department stores also includes interior products, bed linen, books, office supplies, lighting, furniture, and so on. View the overview of interesting spending tips with which you can spend the Fashioncheque on something other than fashion.

Future developments

Shops and fashion chains are still joining the Fashioncheque. The number of online stores that join as merchants is also growing. Therefore, always keep a close eye on the overview of stores and online stores.

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