Simple tips to easily save money

The children need a new coat. Or school books. The washing machine is broken and the car also needs to go to the garage. In short, expenses are increasing. How do you deal with that and where do you get the money from? Saving money is very easy with these simple tips! Without even feeling it, you save hundreds of euros.

Do your shopping with a list and in a hurry

With a shopping list you buy less than if you go to the supermarket without it. If you also go shopping while you are pressed for time, you can be sure that you do not take any unnecessary items with you.

To borrow

Why buy something when you can borrow it? Instead of buying a book, you can go to the library. For toys there is the play library, the same principle indeed. You rent toys there and return them when the children get tired of them. And what about clothes? At a party you can also delve into the wardrobe of good friends (and they with you). It is a shame to buy a dress or tie for an evening.

Stop emotional shopping

Keep track of where the money goes and you will see that a lot is secretly spent on emotional shopping. Clothing or a cream because we feel down. A magazine or book to relax. A CD because we deserve it. Stop that!

Eat less meat

Meat is the biggest expense on our shopping list. By eating less meat, for example 3 times a week instead of every evening, you save a lot of money. And it’s good for the environment too!

Save on the kids’ outings

Is it really that necessary to go to the amusement park every month? Or to the pool? Or the movie? Parents are quickly tempted to do things with children that cost money, but there is plenty to do that is free. Petting zoo, going to the forest, treasure hunt through the house or in the backyard, doing crafts, movie night on the couch…. There is plenty to think of.

Bring lunch

Take your own bread to work or school. It always costs more in the canteen. Quick calculation: imagine you spend 2 euros a day on food and drinks at work. If you work 4 days a week, that is 8 euros per week, 32 euros per month and 384 euros per year.

To sell

There are plenty of things in your home that you no longer use or even need. Sell it online or at the flea market.

Critically through your house

How long do you spend in the shower? How high is the stove? Do you close the curtains in the evening to keep it warm in the house? By using less water and turning the heater down a degree, you save money. And also pay attention to the radiator: vacuum behind it once a year. This way you remove the dust there and it takes less energy to heat up. Turn the heating down to about 15 degrees in the evening, this way you will also save a lot of money. It is a misconception that you will end up spending more money because the heater has to work hard to warm the house.

Stock up big

You can stock up on food that has a (very) long shelf life at supermarket promotions. Think of lemonade, pasta, rice and soups.

Buy seasonal products

You save a lot of money by buying seasonal products. If you also pay attention to local products, you will save money. Simple, because it does not have to be brought from far away. Kale and pumpkin are therefore cheaper in winter than in summer.

Hang up the wet laundry

By hanging the wet laundry on the clothesline, preferably outside, you save the costs of using the dryer. But your clothes also last longer, which also saves money.