What am I actually insured for?

Which damages are insured under the home contents insurance and which are excluded? Especially with regard to liability insurance for private individuals and home contents insurance, there is often confusion about what is and what is not insured under the policy. This article will correct some misunderstandings. Home contents insurance covers damage to your household goods due to storms, water damage, theft and fire, for example. Liability insurance covers damage caused by the responsibility of the insured. If you cause damage to your own goods, there is no cover for this. You cannot hold yourself liable for your own damage. This also applies to damage caused by other family members. Below you will find a number of common misunderstandings.

Son or daughter breaks something – Covered by home contents or liability insurance?

Children are co-insured on your family liability insurance. If they cause damage to your belongings, this cannot be claimed under liability insurance. In general, there is no coverage on home contents insurance, but there is coverage if the cause of the damage is covered according to the policy conditions. For example, if your young son or daughter caused a fire by pushing over a candle, the consequential damage is covered by the home contents insurance. If he or she breaks a thermostatic valve by turning it the wrong way, there is no coverage under the home contents insurance and of course no coverage under the liability insurance.

Loss of mobile phone

Home contents insurance covers a mobile phone stolen from the house. There is no cover if you lose the phone. In the event of theft by a pickpocket, there is no justifiable reason to file a claim on home contents insurance. In the event of a violent robbery or a robbery with threats of violence, there is coverage under the home contents insurance.

Liability insurance and motor vehicles

You cannot make a claim on liability insurance if you, as the driver of a motor vehicle, cause damage to other road users or to the car you are driving. For example, if a cyclist causes damage to a parked car, this is covered by the liability insurance.

Damage to your rental home

Tenants must insure the items that fall under the heading of contents. The landlord is responsible for the house itself. Damage to the kitchen must be claimed from the landlord, because the kitchen is nailed to the house and is therefore covered by the landlord’s building insurance. A floor can be covered by home contents insurance and buildings insurance. A floating floor is covered by home contents insurance and a nailed floor is covered by buildings insurance. The parts of the house that are nailed to the house can be insured under the tenant’s home contents insurance. In the form of tenant interest, for example, a kitchen installed by the tenant can be co-insured by the tenant.

Is theft of a moped insured under your home contents insurance? When and when not?

A moped is a motor vehicle and it is mandatory to take out third party liability insurance. Third party liability insurance only covers damage to third parties. Theft of the moped can be claimed under certain conditions on the home contents insurance. The moped is insured in the event of theft from a shed. In that case, in most cases there must have been forced entry damage to the shed or garage. Under certain conditions, the theft of the moped is even insured in the event of break-in (no signs of forced entry). A car is always not covered by home contents insurance.