When can you postpone home renovation and when not?

Home renovation is not cheap and that is why people often postpone it a little longer than is desirable. In particular, the renovation of an aging house always costs more money than you think in advance. The kitchen is outdated, as is the equipment in it. The roof sometimes leaks and the chimney suffers from seeping rainwater. The toilet and bathroom need renovation and the windows do have HR glass, but not the latest type of HR glass. However, there is often too little money to renovate properly and the banks do not easily grant a second mortgage or an increase on your current mortgage. When can you postpone a renovation and when not? Which renovations are really necessary and which can you safely postpone?

A good home renovation always costs money

There are renovation jobs that are necessary, but also jobs that can wait a while or that can be completed at little cost. An outdated toilet is no problem, as long as it is clean. An old bathroom can still provide good services. A kitchen where only the hinges of the doors no longer work properly can quickly be helped with a set of new hinges. These can often still be ordered from the manufacturer or importer. This way, a renovation does not always have to be expensive.

If you are short on cash, only renovate what is necessary

Anyone who is suddenly less well-off can safely ignore the above renovation projects. That’s no problem either. It only becomes a problem if the necessary renovation projects are postponed, causing more damage over the course of months or years. Then it is not wise to postpone the renovation of that part.

A water-permeable chimney on the roof of your house

Over time, the masonry of an older chimney can let water through, causing the masonry itself to deteriorate significantly and possibly even causing water leakage into the attic. In that case, something needs to be done about it. You can then have the chimney demolished and completely rebuilt, but that costs a lot of money. In addition to the new building materials for the chimney, safety measures must also be taken in the form of a fence around the workplace and a lift must be installed to regulate the supply and removal of the material.

Impregnation is also possible, but lasts less long

You can also arrange it cheaper by, for example, having the chimney impregnated. The entire chimney is treated with a water-repellent material. Of course that won’t help forever, but it will stop leaking and you will be helped for the time being. Impregnation always helps for a number of years (often more than the 4 years stated by the supplier) and is much cheaper. If you do not have the money to have the chimney replaced at the moment, then this is a good second choice.

When should you not postpone roof renovation?

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Renewing a roof is expensive and always costs several thousand. If it only concerns the insulation of an old roof, but nothing is leaking yet, install insulation on the inside of the roof yourself, or place insulation on the attic floor and leave the roof alone.

Renew a worn roof

If the roof is leaking and is really worn out, it needs to be replaced, because the more leaks that have to be closed over time, the more water damage you will have. As a result, your house becomes less and less valuable. After all, closing the various leaks costs money every time. Postponing this renovation will ultimately cost more than replacing it.

The cheapest roofer is not always the best

Don’t immediately choose the cheapest roofer, but ask family members and friends about experiences with a good roofer. Then ask the roofer about his previous projects and take a look. Also talk to the customers who live in that house. After all, a new roof costs a lot of money and you should proceed with some caution. A cheap roofer is not always the best. If the roof subsequently turns out to be leaking, you may incur more work and costs than if you had chosen the more expensive option.

Pay attention to the completeness of the quotation

Request prices from various roofers and compare quotes. If a quote is a thousand or more lower than the other quotes, take a look at the work. Roofers often leave associated work outside the price of the quote, but then provide an additional bill for this afterwards. At the end of the day, you often pay even more than with the more expensive roofers, who have often already included the work.

Cracks in the walls of the house

Almost every house has cracks, because almost every house works. You don’t need to do anything about normal cracks. You seal them with a flexible seal and that’s it. However, if the ground under your house is not stable and the crack in a wall is becoming wider and deeper, measures must be taken, otherwise the house may become unreliable and uninhabitable over time.

A structural engineer can say whether it is bad or not

If you don’t trust it, have a manufacturer take a look at it. This can tell you exactly whether the crack is dangerous or not. Constructors also have options to measure whether a crack will become larger over time or not. After all, this is not always visible to the naked eye.

Renovation and at the same time more modernization

Renovating to modernize is still happening today. This is usually only done with money that is left over from the monthly income. The banks are no longer so generous with increasing the mortgage or with an extra loan for a renovation. It is therefore wise to first ensure that you have sufficient finances before you start modernizing your home.

Always make sure you have enough money in advance

Sometimes people already outsource an assignment and only then start looking for money, but then the person is already tied to the assignment, while afterwards he or she does not have the money to pay the contractor’s or roofer’s invoice. Even if you want to apply for a small mortgage or increase your current mortgage, it is wiser to wait for that first. Suppose the bank is obstructive and the mortgage is not arranged, then you are in trouble.

Watch out for renovations

An old driveway, an old garden design or an old terrace can easily remain in place for a year or two longer. Your house will not be any worse off if you do not renovate it immediately. Old driveways can even seem very charming. Tiles or stones that have risen can often be removed quickly and leveled again. After all, no one should be able to trip over it.

Free bricks for a driveway

You can sometimes get stones very cheaply or even for free on Marktplaats or from a company that lays new driveways. People who lay a new driveway would otherwise have to take the old stones to a recycling company and that also costs money. They are often happy to get rid of their old stones at no cost. After a good cleaning, the stones are often indistinguishable from new.

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