Request information via the Tax Telephone

Private individuals and entrepreneurs can obtain information from the Tax Authorities via the free information number 0800-0543. This line handles almost 17 million telephone calls every year. They receive most calls in the first months of the year. Taxpayers who complete their tax returns themselves often encounter questions. In the current tax return programs you will find a lot of additional information on certain topics. However, there are often questions that remain that need to be submitted to the Tax Authorities. For various questions you can call the Tax Line. Of the almost 17 million calls per year, approximately 5 million are received in the months from January to April.

What questions can I submit to the Tax Telephone?

The questions can be focused on your own situation, such as overdue payments or amounts you still owe. Most people call to get advice on how to complete their tax return. After listening to a tape and making a few choices, you will end up with someone who can probably answer your question. You should not expect to get expensive and expert inspectors on the phone, this would be far too expensive. During the busy months, students are deployed who, after a six-week training period, can provide you with answers to many questions. These employees have insight into frequently asked questions and the answers to them. They will have to look up the non-standard questions. If the question is too complex, they will make a call back appointment. A colleague (for example an inspector) with more knowledge will call you back later.

Will I receive reliable advice via the Tax Telephone?

The employees base their answers on answers from a computer system from which they can answer most questions. A few years ago, a survey by Algemeen Dagblad showed that one in three answers was incorrect. The information provision appears to have improved since then. However, it remains your own responsibility. In the event of an incorrect return, you cannot rely on a telephone conversation with the Tax Authorities where they may have informed you incorrectly. When in doubt, it is therefore wise to consult experts.

How long do I have to wait on the phone

The calls that come in are first sorted by asking a number of questions. By choosing between a number of options you will end up in the right department. This allows them to avoid long waiting times. Calling the Tax Line on Monday morning in March is not wise. This is the busiest period and time of the year. The Tax Authorities deploy extra people in the months of February and March, but there is still a greater chance of a queue. You can avoid queues by calling at quieter times, such as in the evening or on Saturday (only possible during the tax return period until April 1).

Has my tax return arrived at the Tax Authorities?

You can also contact the Tax Line for such questions. They can check to what extent your tax return has been received.

When will I get my tax money back?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Declarations received no later than March 31 will be notified before July 1.