What is the application procedure like?

An application procedure usually takes longer than previously estimated. Employers often take more time than strictly necessary. An application procedure often takes several months. From the moment the employer decides to expand the workforce to the moment a new employee actually starts can easily take two to three months. When the vacancy becomes available, the employer has already completed all the necessary work. This certainly applies to large companies that must first have the vacancy approved by management at multiple levels, and then first post the vacancy internally. These companies often have a surplus of staff in other departments. To avoid having to fire these people, it is more economical to reinstate these people internally. In this way they can also ensure that acquired knowledge and experience remains on board.

Internal vacancy

Existing employees within a company are often first given the opportunity to fill the available vacancy. Employees who do not fully meet the profile also have options. If it requires a training, course or otherwise a small investment to attract an internal employee, this is an attractive option. They now know what they have to offer and can properly assess the qualities of these people.

Post a vacancy

From the moment the employer decides to advertise the vacancy externally, several weeks have often passed. After the vacancy has been posted, applicants have one to two weeks to respond. Nowadays vacancies are usually posted on the Internet. Job seekers are informed daily about positions that are interesting to them through the Internet. Suitable candidates who are not actively looking for another job will also see such vacancies. Viewing vacant vacancies is now so accessible that an employee can be aware of suitable positions in his or her environment and within the desired field within five minutes.

Send invitations

After the period in which applicants can report, inviting and conducting interviews generally takes at least one week. The invitations that are sent should not be at very short notice to give applicants the opportunity to have the interview. An applicant who receives an invitation for the next day often does not have the opportunity to schedule this for himself.

Conducting second conversations

After the initial interviews, there will probably be two to five suitable candidates remaining. A second interview must be scheduled with these people. Again, this will take at least one week.

The knot has been cut

Once the suitable candidate has been found, they often have to conduct an employment interview. If the remaining candidate still has a job at that time, this must also be terminated. Most employers apply a notice period of one month for this. In short, it will not be easy to complete an application procedure within a few months.