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Geldshop is an expert in loans who, in collaboration with other lenders, quickly has a good loan ready for you. Borrow money quickly for a renovation, a kitchen, a car or a much larger amount when you want to buy a home. Maybe you already have a loan and want to transfer it to a loan with a lower interest rate or combine smaller loans, Geldshop often makes this possible.

Borrow money from Geldshop

  • Who is money shop?
  • Quickly transfer a loan
  • Quickly merge loans
  • Which loan then?
  • Personal loan
  • A revolving credit
  • Take out a mortgage
  • Conclusion fast money at Geldshop

Who is money shop?

Geldshop ensures that a loan reaches those who need it and can pay for it and works for the private market with:

  • BNP Paribas Personal Finance.
  • DEFAM.
  • InterBank.
  • Lender&Spender.
  • Nationale-Nederlanden.
  • Qander Consumer Finance.

Request a quote from Geldshop and Geldshop will see which offer can be made.

Quickly transfer a loan

If you already have a loan with another bank or lender, the interest you now pay may be on the high side. In many cases, this is the case when the loan was taken out a few years ago, as the interest rate has fallen considerably in the last few years. Refinancing a loan means that you take out a new loan at Geldshop for the same amount or, if possible, a higher amount at a lower interest rate. You can repay the bank loan immediately. Your advantage then comes from two things:

  • You may get more money (larger loan, extra credit).
  • The high interest on the old loan expires and a new interest rate for the new loan takes its place.

Quickly merge loans

Some people have a patchwork of small loans, but small loans turn out to be quite expensive in practice. In that case, it can be very smart to ask Geldshop if the loans (and preferably something extra) can be combined and replaced by a new loan with a lower interest rate.

Which loan then?

There are mainly three loans you can choose from:

  • A personal loan.
  • A revolving credit.
  • A mortgage.

Personal loan

A personal loan provides certainty and clarity, because the amount you borrow is known in advance, the interest rate is fixed and known and therefore the monthly costs are also known. You also know exactly what the term of the loan is. Clearer and simpler is hardly possible and because you also repay part of the loan every month, you can be sure that no residual debt will arise.

A revolving credit

A revolving credit has a somewhat different character, as the term of the loan is not fixed and the interest is variable. With a revolving credit, a maximum credit ceiling is agreed. You may take up that ceiling in full, but you may also borrow less. What also applies is that if you have repaid enough of the credit after a while, you can take out additional credit up to the credit ceiling. The big advantage is that extra money can quickly be available, a disadvantage is that borrowing money with a revolving credit can have a much longer term, meaning you are tied to a loan for longer.

Take out a mortgage

You obviously take out a mortgage for a home or the renovation of a home. The mortgage interest you pay will generally be much lower than the interest on a personal loan or on a revolving credit. You can choose from:

  • An annuity mortgage.
  • A linear mortgage.
  • An interest-only mortgage.

With an annuity mortgage and a linear mortgage, you pay interest and repayments monthly (just like with a personal loan). With an interest-only mortgage, you agree with Geldshop how long you want to borrow. You do not have to make monthly repayments, but when the term is over (30 or 40 years later) the principal amount can be requested by the bank. The interest-only mortgage has the advantage that no repayments need to be made. But you can also see this interest-only element as a disadvantage, because you still owe the principal amount at the end. If the house has become more valuable in so many years and you pay back the loan by selling the house, that will not be a problem and you may make a significant profit. To limit the risk of a residual debt, you can also choose to voluntarily repay an amount in the meantime.

Conclusion fast money at Geldshop

Discuss with Geldshop what you can do best. As a rule, there are many ways to get extra money quickly.

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