The importance of interns for the company

For a large number of courses, it is important that students gain practical experience at companies through an internship. But the interest is often mutual, because the employer who provides an internship can take advantage of the many benefits of the intern or trainee. Not only is it an investment in possible future staff. But also consider the positive effect on the image of your company, and the tax benefits that can be achieved.

Why offer an internship

From the company’s point of view, there are also many reasons to regularly hire an intern for a certain period of time. The company has every interest in ensuring that there are sufficient qualified personnel available for the industry in which the company operates. The intern is familiarized with the work and the market segment that the company focuses on through an internship. And even if the intern ultimately decides not to accept employment with the same company, the company is still doing itself a favor because the workforce is being expanded. And perhaps in time the trainee will still accept a job at the company where he/she once received an internship.


Ultimately, it is a win-win outcome between company and intern. The employer certainly has an extra pair of hands, who may require the necessary extra attention in the first few days, but who can certainly be a useful and welcome addition to the permanent workforce after a few weeks. And that at a very reasonable salary. It is often interesting for the company to have an intern conduct certain internal or external research, without having to engage an expensive agency or take a permanent employee off work. Although an intern will have to receive the necessary guidance and support from permanent employees in such an investigation, on the other hand, a person from outside the company has a fresh objective view of the state of affairs and is not hindered by corporate blindness or conflicting interests. . The fact that someone has no knowledge of the matter, but as a layman has common sense, often leads to questions or comments, which the company (sales department) can sometimes benefit from.

Positive corporate image

A company that makes internships available gains a favorable image in the industry and the necessary goodwill from all kinds of parties, such as local government, customers and the public. Which would otherwise have to be achieved with much more expensive means. An intern who has had a great educational time will never forget it and will certainly spread positive news about the company through word of mouth. All in all, the company has good brand awareness.

Example of an internship trajectory

Suppose it concerns a commercial training and the student is offered an internship at an importer, factory or trading company. Then the internship could contain the following elements:

First day

a tour through the company, visiting the various departments, some reading work, etc.

First weeks

Walk in the warehouse to gain knowledge of materials, the expedition. Clearing incoming goods and collecting sold items. Day out with the driver.

Second month

Sitting down at an office salesperson and trying to process orders. Look up items with the corresponding article number in the catalogue. Understand why certain accessories are needed. Walk and help at the sales counter and gain contact and experience with customers.

Third month

Spend a few days working in various departments. Such as product management, purchasing, project management, making orders, learning to understand stock levels and turnover rates. Spend a few days with a representative and service technician.

The last weeks

Have research carried out into things that you have actually wanted to know for years. For example, to finally find out why certain customers return so many items and whether any money is actually made from those customers. Or identify why so few quotations are converted into orders from certain customers, while you are sure that it is not due to the price. Aren’t those quotes exclusively used to check the price of relationships that are awarded the order in advance?!

Tax benefit

Another advantage of the company is that if the company is a recognized training company, the company can receive tax benefits from the government. For example, in the form of a contribution reduction.