How to make cheap mobile calls in 2020?

Cheap mobile calling in 2020? Nowadays you really can’t live without a mobile phone. Then the wrong subscription can cost you a lot of money. Cheap calling, but what do you choose to be able to call with your mobile phone? Choose a subscription, for prepaid calling or SIM only. Whatever you want, because it is all possible. Frequent and often cheap mobile phone calls are really possible. Calling will become cheaper in Europe because roaming within the EU has been abolished from June 15, 2017. Which provider do you choose and which subscription?

Mobile calling subscription

There are many subscriptions on the market. That means searching and thinking for a while, but also that you can choose what really suits you. For example, how long do you want to take out a subscription for: usually one or two years. And how many calling minutes do you want and do you text a lot or is that not too bad? With one calling minute you can call for one minute or send one text message. But you can also take out an extra SMS bundle. And the joke is that if you stay within your bundle with the number of calling minutes, the price is not too bad, but if you call more, you usually pay the top price. The more calling minutes there are in a package, the cheaper the price per calling minute. If you have a lot of calling minutes, the mobile phone is also free, or better said: the price is already included in your subscription.

Subscription term

Keep in mind that you are with a specific provider during your subscription. You can then switch again with number retention. Take a good look at which mobile phone belongs to it: how is the internet reception (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, TV), how good are the photos you can take with you, is it waterproof or not and is it a nice one or not. Nice? What is beautiful? First take a good look around, including what your friends have of course, and then choose.

SIM only subscription

SIM only is the solution for those who do not want a long subscription. It is much cheaper, but you don’t get a nice mobile phone with it: you just buy the SIM card and put it in a mobile phone of your choice. You often still have one, or you have seen a mobile phone somewhere that you like better than the one that fits a particular subscription. You buy a number of calling minutes and text messages and can often also keep your old number. With a SIM-only subscription, make sure that the mobile phone you want to use is SIM-free, so you can easily switch to another provider. If the device is not simlock-free, it can often be unlocked in the store or via the provider, or via the internet. Freeing Simlock usually costs a small amount. Well-known providers are:

  • Ben;
  • Telfort;
  • Vodafone;
  • T-Mobile;
  • Youfone;
  • Tele2;
  • Easy;
  • Bleep;
  • SimYo;
  • Tringgg.

They all have different packages that are worth it. For example, one person prefers to have data in his package and another prefers to make a lot of calls. There is always a SIM-only subscription available that suits what you want. Unlimited calling and internet is possible, if you want that, adjust your subscription.

Prepaid calling

With prepaid calling you buy fixed calling credit. It is comparable to the old strip card. Every time you call or text, a little of your calling credit is deducted. When the credit runs out, top up your credit with a new card. If your calling credit has run out, you can still receive calls and text messages, but you can no longer call or send text messages yourself. So it’s a matter of quickly upgrading again. You usually have the choice of calling credit of 10, 20 or 50 euros. These cards can be obtained quickly almost everywhere. Think of the gas station, the supermarket, bookstores, post office and cigar shop. The big advantage is that you will not be surprised by a high bill from the provider, because if you no longer have any credit, it will simply stop for a while. This way you know exactly where you stand. Parents like it when their children have a mobile phone with a prepaid card: they can always be reached through the smartphone, while the costs are kept under control.

Cheap mobile calls, save money

There is so much choice of mobile phones and subscriptions. Just look around on the internet, because you can often find cheap offers. The competition in the telephone market is fierce and they would like to have you as a customer.

Cheaper calls abroad

Calling abroad is especially expensive outside the EU due to the high roaming prices. Since June 15, 2017, cheap calling from abroad on holiday has become possible due to new roaming rules within the EU. Unfortunately, high roaming costs still exist outside the EU.

Slot cheap calls in 2020

Choose cheap mobile calling, because why would you pay too much. Uncalled for. Make your choice. The Internet can quickly help you make a good comparison of smartphones and telephone subscriptions.

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