Defam: a good loan urgently

At Defam it is almost immediately clear whether you can get the requested loan. If you want to borrow money urgently, you can also take a look there. Once approved, the money will be in your account quickly. A small loan is possible, but you can also opt for a flexible loan as a cash reserve that offers even more options. For comparison, you can also easily and quickly borrow a few hundred euros as a flash loan from Ferratum, but in most cases the interest rate will be higher than with Defam. Moreover, you can spread your loan from Defam over a longer period than is the case with a quick credit. You can also take out a loan for your home, the home loan.

Borrow money from Defam

  • Who is Defam
  • Borrow money urgently via a flash loan
  • How much interest do I pay on a good loan?
  • The personal loan
  • The flexible loan
  • Take out a home loan
  • Borrow money quickly

Who is Defam

Defam is a brand of ALFAM and ALFAM is a 100% subsidiary of the major bank ABN AMRO. Defam is a specialist in responsible money lending. That is why the lender also makes it easy for you to check for yourself what extra money is possible. If there is an emergency, you will quickly know where you stand. You can choose from three loans:

  • A personal loan.
  • A flexible loan.
  • A home loan.

Borrow money urgently via a flash loan

Defam also lends smaller amounts, but if you are urgently looking for some extra money because you are short on money and want to bridge the gap for a few days or a month, other providers may be able to help you. For example, Ferratum’s fast flash loan is well-known. With Defam it does not necessarily have to involve large amounts, but in practice it often turns out that a small loan is relatively more expensive. This is not illogical, because arranging a smaller loan usually requires the same steps to be taken as for a larger loan. Moreover, Defam’s flexible loan can ensure that you can withdraw money quickly.

How much interest do I pay on a good loan?

There are three loans available at Defam and all three have a different interest rate, and the interest rate depends on the term of the loan. A special tool allows you to quickly see online what the options are, what the interest and term are and how much you have to repay monthly. A good loan is transparent, has a low interest rate and is tailored to your question and situation.

The personal loan

A personal loan is usually chosen when it concerns the financing of a one-off expense. Think of a car, washing machine, fast computer or, for example, a nice holiday. You take out the loan and pay it back monthly. Naturally, you make agreements with Defam about the term, how large or small the loan should be and the rate (interest). At the end of the term, the loan is fully repaid. You cannot withdraw repaid portions, but you can take out a new loan. It is nice that the interest is fixed as long as your loan is open and has not yet been fully repaid. So no surprises.

The flexible loan

But it may also be that you do not yet know the exact expenditure and want to have a cash reserve on hand. In that case you can opt for a flexible loan. The flexible loan also has the function of a cash reserve. That’s how it is. With a flexible loan, you agree on a certain credit limit (credit ceiling) with the bank. You may then withdraw money up to that credit ceiling and you do not pay interest on the money that is not withdrawn. You will soon have a loan facility at your disposal. If you need money urgently, you withdraw it within the agreed limit, otherwise you leave the facility unused (for a while). If you withdraw money and repay part of it later, these repayments can be withdrawn again as long as you do not exceed your limit. The flexible loan is a type of revolving credit, with a variable term and a variable interest rate.

Take out a home loan

The home loan is intended to finance a proposed renovation. A renovation is often a project for which a one-off expense is budgeted and a home loan as financing fits in perfectly with this. The home loan has a fixed term and a fixed interest rate. When the end of the loan term has been reached, the home loan is fully repaid.

Borrow money quickly

You have fast and super fast. Superfast is the flexible loan if you already have that facility, because you can withdraw money up to your agreed credit limit whenever you want. Superfast can also be a flash loan, especially if you have a good reputation with a fast credit provider. But Defam has even more. You can also take out a personal loan or a home loan. So something for everyone.

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