Socially responsible and the Bewuste Bouwers Foundation

Construction is an activity that must comply with many rules. But dealing with those rules can be done in a loyal manner or by pushing boundaries. At a time when conscious handling of things is receiving more and more attention, it is also dawning on many builders that a lack of loyalty to the rules is not a socially responsible way to do things. Conscious building is a must in these times.

Achieving profit and socially responsible construction

A main goal of construction companies is of course the pursuit of profit and continuity. However, more and more companies are aware that construction requires a social role with regard to the environment, working environment, social aspects and safety. Without making profit becoming secondary, there are many options to meet the requirements of conscious construction.


One of the main aspects of conscious building is the environment. In recent years, builders have become increasingly aware of the importance of the environment. An example is the increasing use of sustainable materials. In addition, the activities should be aimed at using energy as sparingly as possible.

Working environment

A builder who works consciously realizes that the work has a major impact on the working environment. Good consultation with all those involved in the working environment is therefore very important.

Social aspects

The working conditions have received a lot of attention in recent years, partly due to the Working Conditions Act, which forms the basis for a good working conditions policy. Many regulations from that law also ensure less illness and disability. But good working conditions actually start with a clean work area. There is a saying: Where there is work, there is no work to be done. However, a construction site should be clean and tidy and building materials neatly stacked or placed in a safe place. If necessary, the material must be covered to prevent atomization.


An important aspect of conscious construction is safety. Enforcing the regulations is a prerequisite to guarantee the safety of all employees. The safety of visitors and suppliers who enter the construction site must also receive sufficient attention. And don’t forget the passers-by because construction sites are often located in an urban environment with risks of various types of nuisance such as traffic nuisance.

Independent non-profit foundation

A special foundation has existed for a number of years to support builders in conscious construction. The Bewuste Bouwers Foundation was founded in 2009 with the construction companies BAM, Ballast Nedam, Strukton and VolkerWessels as initiators. They found that successes were achieved in England with the formula used there to build in a conscious manner. They also wanted to achieve similar results in the Netherlands by establishing a non-profit foundation and completely independent of the founders.

Communication is a key word at Bewuste Bouwers

The results of the work of the Bewuste Bouwers Foundation largely depend on good communication with all those involved. Those involved are not only the builders but also everyone else who is confronted with the construction work, including local residents. Communication, not only beforehand but also during construction work, is considered an essential task by the foundation. Naturally, any complaints will be handled and resolved quickly. And it can certainly be an advantage for builders to work with the foundation in order to increase the image of being socially responsible and to distinguish themselves positively from other companies.

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