Want to take out health insurance without a deductible?

When you take out health insurance, you will be faced with a deductible, which in 2017 and 2018 amounts to the hefty amount of 385 euros. There was temporary health insurance without a deductible. Instead, you paid an extra amount each month to buy off this part. This amount was age-related, anyone older than 40 paid more than someone younger than 40. Shortly after the insurance called Zorgeloos was launched, there was a commotion about this unique thing. This product from ASR and Lloyds only existed for a short time.

Basic insurance, no deductible

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  • Carefree from ASR quickly (temporarily) off the air again

Deductible for health insurance

In the Netherlands, health insurance is mandatory for everyone aged 18 and over. In exchange for paying a monthly health insurance premium, you cover yourself against medical expenses. Items covered by basic insurance, such as visits to the doctor or emergency care, are reimbursed from this basic insurance. It is determined annually what is and is not included. However, not everything is paid for you immediately. Because there is a deductible, you must first pay part of the costs yourself. In 2017, this deductible is 385 euros. This means that you will be responsible for the first 385 euros in healthcare costs that are covered by basic insurance and are not further covered in supplementary insurance. This can mean that you already know for sure that you will be faced with significant costs. For example, if you have to take blood samples every month or use certain medications, you will have to pay for this yourself for the first few weeks or months until the deductible limit has been reached.

Avoid the deductible?

The deductible is determined nationally in the Netherlands. If you hardly use care, you can increase it yourself. For example, many insurers allow you to opt for a higher deductible , for example 585 euros instead of 385 euros. Normally it is not possible to reduce this amount, but this changed in November 2012 when an insurance company introduced the Carefree product: a new health insurance policy without a deductible . To buy off this cost item, you paid a monthly contribution. For people under 40 years old, this amounted to 12.50 euros, or 150 euros per year, while people over 40 years old paid 17.50 monthly, or 210 euros. This is actually not possible in the Netherlands because the principle of the deductible is based on national rules. However, this extra component has been placed with the British Lloyds, while it was sold by ASR part Aevitae. How does this work? People who purchased the Carefree package had their basic insurance with the Dutch ASR, but the deductible component was subsequently transferred back to Lloyds by ASR. If you, as a customer, declare costs below the limit of 350 euros, these will be paid by Lloyds, while other declarations are processed through ASR. As a customer you will hardly notice this, you will continue to receive your communication via the Dutch company where you purchased your insurance product.

Carefree from ASR quickly (temporarily) off the air again

The Carefree product proved to be extremely popular immediately after launch. And that is of course not surprising. If you calculate that you always use up the deductible in a year and you are given the option to fully cover this cost item, Zorgeloos from ASR is not a bad option. However, something appeared to be wrong. The impression was given that this product was entirely from ASR, while that was of course only partly true. For this reason, the product was withdrawn after just three days. The people who had already registered for Zorgeloos could still use it in 2013. The product was no longer offered in this form in 2014 . There is of course a chance that the product will become available to others in the future. In that case, the basic insurance and supplementary insurance will have to be placed with another risk bearer.