Everything about family insurance

Do you only have visits from friends or family? You have a dog? The plumber has already come by? There are plenty of good enough reasons to take out family insurance. it only costs a few euros per month and is good for peace of mind.

Do I need this insurance?

In insurance jargon, this family insurance is in fact called “private life civil liability”, which even better describes what it is about. This insurance protects your civil liability if you or someone else in your family causes damage to third parties in your private life. If you would otherwise have to compensate third parties for damage yourself, the insurance company will do this for you. The minimum conditions that a family insurance policy must meet are always the same and laid down in law. Insurance is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

When are you insured?

Three basic principles must be met. You have the fault, the damage and the causal link between the two. I will now try to explain this further in simple terms.

The mistake

The concept of error can be interpreted broadly. You may have actually made a mistake, but you may also have been careless or done nothing. For example, if you have not sprinkled salt on your sidewalk in very frosty weather, then you have not done anything wrong. But the postman slips and breaks his leg. You are therefore liable as the owner of the land. If in doubt, the insurer will take into account what a good family man would do. Intentional errors are of course not covered. Although most insurers do cover intentional errors up to the age of 16. The assumption here is that children cannot make intentional mistakes. Serious errors are also not reimbursed if this is expressly stated in the policy. A typical example of a serious fault is damage caused in an intoxicated state. Even if you did not intentionally cause the damage, you are at fault because you are drunk. So ask your insurance broker whether serious errors are also insured.

The damage

The victim may not be a person from your own family. Or better yet, no one who is covered by the same family policy. The damage must also be demonstrable. The postman will therefore at least have to be able to provide a certificate from his doctor. This does not include emotional damage. Psychological damage is possible, if proof from a doctor can be submitted here too.

The causal relationship

the victim, the third party, must be able to prove that the damage is the result of the mistake you made. In the case of the potman, the ice is therefore the causal link. If the postman breaks his leg on your doorstep, this is certainly not always your fault as the owner. The postman himself may also have been careless or at fault.

Who is insured?

All persons domiciled at your address. Even if you have children who stay in their student room during the week and commit a mistake there, they are covered by this policy. Your pets are also covered, except for horses, for which you usually have to pay an extra premium. A dog that causes an accident by suddenly crossing the street or attacks a child running past. With pets, you don’t even have to be the owner of this animal. You are also covered if you take care of the neighbor’s cat. The cleaning lady, gardener, plumber or babysitter are also covered by this insurance. This of course only during their assignment at your home. And only for the damage they cause to third parties. It is therefore not work accident insurance for your domestic staff. It is also interesting to mention that these are also covered if you pay this cleaning lady or carpenter in the black or if no employment contract has been concluded. The insurance company does not take into account whether or not registrations are made with the RSZ. In the event of a divorce, both parents will have to take out separate family insurance at their own address, even if there is co-parenting.

What is legal assistance?

Each family policy includes a legal assistance section. This means that you can rely on a lawyer of your choice through your policy. The dispute for which you need a lawyer must be related to your family. If you have problems with your employer or a retail chain, the policy will not cover this. If you have to come to court because of a claim, yes. Even if there is no agreement about liability or compensation or if you are the victim yourself, this legal assistance is useful.

How much does family insurance cost?

The policy costs between 65 and 75 euros per year. The average compensation for family policies is 2,100 euros. This insurance is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. Especially if you have domestic servants, children, grandchildren or pets. In addition, singles and retirees almost everywhere receive a discount of 10% to 20% on the normal premium. It should also be noted that the compensation that can be paid is legally limited to 21,829,147 euros for physical damage and 1,091,457 euros for material damage. There is also an exemption of approximately 200 euros.