How do you sell your own photos via stock sites?

Become a photographer and sell your own photos. Stock sites are websites where photographers (professional or amateur) can sell their photos and where customers can buy photos. There are stock sites where commercial photos are mainly sought and stock sites where people are looking for snapshots from everyday life. Which stock site pays the best and how do you sell your photos? Selling stock photos via , shutterstock or Dreamstime , how do you do that? For example , Dreamstime is a good stock site for selling your own photos. 50% of the sales price goes to the photographer. Stock photos can be used by the customer if they have paid for and downloaded the photos. The photos are royalty-free. Stock photos may be used royalty-free for advertisements on the Internet or in magazines, in articles containing news, in brochures, on packaging material, and so on. The photos may not be used to make money in the sense of ‘reselling’ for example. You can learn photography and if you can take beautiful photos, you can make money with photography. Good photos can be sold thousands of times, which is why there are photographers who only photograph for stock sites. They earn a good income this way.

Sell photos

  • The price per photo sold seems low, but you can still make a very nice income from your own photos, as some photos are downloaded hundreds of times or more. Your photos remain online and can be purchased (downloaded) by customers worldwide. If you do not delete the photos, just one popular photo can earn hundreds of euros more. If you take a lot of photos you can upload a lot and earn a lot.
  • Stock sites have certain admission requirements for your photos, so make sure you have good quality photos (more about this later in this article).
  • Choose a stock site that allows unlimited uploads, such as Bigstockphoto , where you can upload 100 photos per day if you wish.
  • If you keep uploading photos regularly, you will earn more. Not only because you offer more photos, but also because buyers of new photos often click through to more work by the same photographer, which increases your chance of sale.
  • Photos that can be used for many purposes, for example photos with a business character, will sell better than photos of flowers. That is why photos with a significant resale value will be accepted more quickly

Photographer, how do you sell your photos?

If you are a photographer or want to become a photographer and you want to sell photos via stock sites, you need to take certain things into account. Not all photos are accepted for sale because a certain quality is expected. Photos that are not beautiful or not sharp will be rejected in any case. Photos that have no resale value will also be rejected. Snapshots of the dog or cat will be rejected more quickly than a photo of an important event. Photos that are suitable for more than one purpose are more likely to be accepted than photos that are only interesting for yourself.

What requirements should a stock photo meet?

In principle, all subjects are welcome if the quality of the photo is good, but photos are rejected if the photos are blurry, contain noise, do not have a good composition, have been reduced or enlarged too far, incorrectly edited with photo programs, and so on. To start, pay attention to the following:

  • Make sure your topic does not contain any brand names. Advertising is not allowed simply via stock sites.
  • If you photograph random people who are not models, for example on the street or on a beach, keep in mind that you cannot simply publish photos of people. If people are recognizable, they can protest against it (portrait rights). Those photos may be approved for editorial use.
  • Make sure you have sharp photos. The better the camera, the sharper the photo
  • View the photos at 100% size and check for sharpness, noise and details. The photos are also viewed at 100% by the editors of the websites. Grainy and/or blurry images are not good. A camera with sufficient megapixels takes sharper photos. From 10 MP, photos are often sharp enough.
  • Be careful with photo editing such as adjusting colors, reducing or enlarging, sharpening and adding contrast. It is quickly too much of a ‘good thing’ and then the photo is rejected. The following also applies here: set the photo to 100% (not larger) so that you can view it in a large format, then you will see how sharp the photo really is and whether the photo meets expectations.
  • Use a photo editing program to fix minor mistakes. For example, dust or dots that you can remove.
  • A photo stands or falls with good lighting. A photo that is too light is too flat, a photo that is too dark is too lifeless. Avoid taking photos in the middle of the day in full sun. The light is then too flat.
  • Always keep the original of your photo if you edit a photo (in any way) with a photo editing program. If the photo is rejected due to incorrect editing, you can try again.
  • If you use photo models, you need a model release for almost every stock site, that is: a ready-made form that you can download from the site with which the model gives you as a photographer permission to sell and use the photo. to publish. For minors, a parent or guardian must sign the model release. Uploading a model release once for one and the same model is sufficient for all photos in which the model will appear from now on.
  • Read the tips for taking stick photos on the site before uploading photos

How much do you earn with stock sites?

There are photographers who can make a living from it and even earn thousands of euros per month and there are many people who only earn something extra with it. The highest paying stock photo site pays between 84 cents to 14.95 per download. The price depends on the amount of photos you have already sold. After selling your first 4 downloads, you go to level 2, and then you earn more per photo download. And so on. The size of the photo chosen by the buyer also makes a difference in the price you receive. Stock sites are very popular and the range of photos is wide. If you are unique in your subject choice, you will be more likely to make a good living from it. The more photos you upload, the more you earn. You earn money from the same photos every time a photo is downloaded. If you just leave your photos online, this will continue for the rest of your life. Taking photos is a lot of fun, and generally they just sit on your hard drive and don’t make you any money.

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