Insurance – legal expenses insurance

In a country teeming with rules, laws, duties and controls, many people live in uncertainty. No matter how well you mean everything, you may find yourself in trouble with the law. After all, a violation is easily committed. Because not everyone knows exactly how the law works, how rules and obligations work, insurance can also be taken out for this. Legal expenses insurance.

Legal expenses insurance

What it actually comes down to is that with legal expenses insurance you enter into an agreement with the insurance company. This states that the insurer will assist you in the legal system, if necessary. This support should – as the name suggests – take the form of lawyers and lawyers during disputes. In practice, however, it is also common for legally trained employees to handle the cases. The idea is that legal assistance ensures that you are assisted in your rights.

Car insurance

Nowadays we still often see legal assistance included in car insurance. Anyone who takes out car insurance can count on receiving legal assistance. For example, when you have to appear in court in connection with a collision. Whether or not it is your fault, you will receive legal assistance. However, this form of insurance has developed to such an extent that it has now become an independent insurance policy. Due to the increased claim awareness of the government, it may be necessary for many citizens to hire a lawyer. In today’s society it is good to receive legal assistance. To be well prepared for unpleasant legal matters, legal expenses insurance can be taken out. In certain cases, a lawyer can also act preventively, i.e. ensure that a lawsuit does not arise.


The insurance can be in kind. This means that a lawyer or lawyer will actually be sent to assist you in court. The insurer always employs lawyers and attorneys who can handle all kinds of cases. This also includes lawsuits.


The insurance can also be expressed in the form of compensation. A lawsuit often involves high costs, for example for hiring a lawyer. The insurance pays out a certain amount in the event of compensation, allowing the insured person to appoint a lawyer of his or her choice to assist him.

Take out legal expenses insurance

You can contact various institutions and banks to take out legal expenses insurance. For example, Rabobank offers legal expenses insurance within a package of other insurance policies, including car insurance, travel insurance and funeral insurance. Aegon, Avéro Achmea, Delta Lloyd, Unigarant, Univé and Reaal also offer a variety of legal expenses insurance. It doesn’t hurt to compare these insurance policies in advance, so that you know which one suits you best.