Cheap insurance through Independer

The insurance companies in the Netherlands almost all offer the same insurance policies, but at different prices and coverage. You can compare the premiums of the insurers via Independer. Via Independer you can compare insurance policies from different insurance companies. The most commonly compared insurance is car insurance. This is caused by large price differences. However, the cheapest car insurance is not always the wisest choice. To make a good comparison, you must also take the conditions into account. These will only differ in small parts, but those small differences can have major financial consequences. The website can help you compare the premium.

About Independer

Hilversum-based Independer was founded in 1999. In addition to being a comparison site, they are also an insurance intermediary that generates its income from taking out insurance policies. They are the largest online advisor in our country with more than 100,000 customers. Nowadays they no longer only compare financial products, but also charities and our healthcare. In addition to a comparison, they also give a score to insurers and hospitals. These figures have been given by visitors to the website. This gives you an impression of the average customer satisfaction. Comparing the financial products is not completely independent. This makes them comparable to other intermediaries, because the independents also receive compensation from the insurer or the bank. According to Independer itself, they have no advantage in making certain parties perform better in the comparisons.

Compare car insurance

You can make a calculation on the site based on your license plate number, zip code, date of birth and your claim-free years. There is a very good chance that you can insure your car cheaper elsewhere. The insurers know that the car is mainly a price product and act accordingly by actively reducing premiums. Consumers are loyal to their current insurance company, but if they can save ten euros or more per year, they will switch. Switching to another insurer is fairly simple, but the old policy can only be canceled on the annual expiry date (or when selling the car).

Death risk insurance

With this form of insurance, there are hardly any differences between the various insurers. It is a very simple product that will pay out upon the death of the insured. With this form of insurance you can also easily compare on price. However, with a policy that has been in force for years, the age of the insured person at that time is taken into account. As a result, it is often not possible to transfer. A lot of money can often be saved on term life insurance policies that have recently been taken out by switching to another insurer. You can cancel this insurance at any time with the insurer, unless it is linked to the mortgage. You must be accepted by the new insurer before you cancel the old policy. There is a possibility that the new insurer will not accept you for medical reasons, for example.

Compare other insurance policies

For all forms of insurance, it is possible to compare them with the competition. Switching to another insurer even though you are satisfied with the current insurer is of course not something you do for a small premium difference of a few euros. You can potentially save tens of euros per year, especially on policies that have been in effect for several years.