Voucher or money back?

Products purchased at a store can usually be exchanged or returned within thirty days. At stores with good service you will get your money back, at the other stores you will often receive a voucher. Is this legally allowed? You can return the purchased product to one store and get your money back. Other stores are more difficult about this and only give a voucher. The consumer prefers a refund of the money. However, the retailer has an interest in keeping the money in the treasury and gives the customer the opportunity to choose something else. In practice, it often turns out not to be very difficult for the larger national chains to do so. They listen to the customer and give the money back. At hardware stores such as Gamma and Praxis you don’t even have a choice and you simply get your money back. Especially at smaller clothing stores, they give a voucher as standard. Retailers are not always obliged to give refunds. You have concluded a purchase agreement and it has rights and obligations.

What is a purchase agreement?

The rules of a purchase agreement are laid down in law. It is an agreement in which the seller binds himself to the buyer by delivering goods or services, for which the buyer pays an agreed price. The consumer in particular is protected by the law because the purchase agreement contains mandatory law from which the parties may not deviate. It is also not permitted to deviate from this in the retailer’s general terms and conditions.

When can you terminate a purchase agreement?

The buyer is entitled to the product that he could reasonably expect. When purchasing a new product, the buyer may have certain expectations that the product must meet. When receiving a defective product, the buyer can demand that he receive a defective product. This may be a reason to ultimately cancel the purchase. If you have purchased a television and it does not work, the purchase cannot simply be canceled. The seller is first given the opportunity to deliver a good product. A purchase agreement can only be dissolved if:

  • The seller does not want or cannot have the product he delivered repaired, and he also does not want to deliver a new product within a reasonable time;
  • After several failures to have the product repaired
  • This is a serious defect

Regret the purchase

Purchased products often turn out to be disappointing later. The buyer expected more, but that turned out to be disappointing. If the product is solid and does what the buyer can reasonably expect from it, the purchase cannot be canceled. In these cases you cannot claim a refund. In these cases, the retailer often gives a voucher to keep the customer satisfied.

Returning a defective product

Also in these cases, the seller must first be given the opportunity to fulfill his part of the agreement by delivering a sound product. If the purchase can be canceled, the retailer must return the money and the consumer does not have to agree to a voucher.