Borrow and save money: Santander and Openbank

At Santander you can borrow money relatively cheaply, easily and quickly in 2020 and 2021, but also save. You can save via the online bank Openbank (2% interest). You can borrow up to an amount of 50,000 euros from Banco Santander, both in the Netherlands and Belgium. As soon as you request a quote for a personal loan online, your application will be processed immediately. You will know the results within 24 hours. This new loan can be taken out without an appraisal or notary. You can also contact comfort loans, a trade name of Santander.

Borrow or save through Openbank

  • Who is Santander in the Netherlands?
  • Take out revolving credit with Santander
  • Comparison of loans is necessary to take out a cheap loan
  • Take out a personal loan with Santander
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Who is Santander in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, Santander is located in Utrecht and is best known for its short-term loans at relatively low interest rates. This intermediary has been active in our country since 1985 and has been gaining market share, especially in recent years, with two types of loans:

  • The revolving credit;
  • The personal loan.

In 2020 and 2021, Santander also offers the option to save online

Take out revolving credit with Santander

With a revolving credit you always have money on hand. This is a very popular way of borrowing money. You agree on a credit limit and can withdraw additional money as long as you remain below that limit. You do this at a variable interest rate. You are extra flexible because you can repay without penalty as soon as you want.

Comparison of loans is necessary to take out a cheap loan

A comparison of different providers shows that Santander often charges the lowest interest rate. Your loan application will be processed quickly. Your request will be assessed at the BKR Credit Registration Office. Other well-known credit providers are Amstelgeld, Ribank or Geldshop.

Take out a personal loan with Santander

Santander also offers you a personal loan at a relatively low interest rate. With a personal loan you borrow a pre-agreed amount at a fixed interest rate. The term is also known, so that you know each month how much your monthly costs will be. This personal loan is therefore a loan with security. You can choose the amount you want to borrow. People often opt for a personal loan when they buy a car, a washing machine or go on holiday. The costs depend on the amount and the term. The term is a maximum of 120 months or 10 years. Usually the interest rate is lower as the credit is higher. With this loan you can also take out a protection plan with Santander that protects you in the event of illness, death or, for example, unemployment, but also in the event of hospitalization. In the event of death, the remaining balance will be forgiven.

Borrow money online

You can apply for credit online and view the maximum amount you can borrow at what interest rate on the website. You can perform a loan scan yourself to see which loan suits you best. You will be asked to think about the term, the method of repayment and the type of loan. It is very nice and practical to receive such loan advice. If you would like more information, you can always contact Santander personally by telephone. Please have your identity details at hand, because you will be asked for them.

Santander Belgium

At Santander Belgium you can borrow larger amounts cheapest at an extra low interest APR, the annual percentage rate. The great thing is that you know immediately whether your loan is accepted by the bank. You will always be informed by telephone with the answer. If approved, your contract will be sent by post. The requirements for an installment loan are:

  • In order to borrow money from Santander, you must meet a number of conditions:
  • You are over 18 years old;
  • You have a current account in Belgium;
  • You have a regular income;
  • The requested loan is for your own use;
  • You have no overdue loans registered.


Openbank is Santander’s online savings bank. Santander wants to attract Dutch people in 2020 and 2021 with a savings interest rate of 2%. You will receive this interest for a maximum of six months and on a credit of up to 5,000 euros. The current account is an international current account, so it can also be used in the Netherlands. You can also have your salary deposited into this account. The money at Openbank falls under the Spanish deposit guarantee scheme, which, as is usual in the Netherlands, guarantees up to a maximum of 100,000 euros per person if the bank ever runs into financial problems.

Key lock

Santander will review a request for a personal one within 24 hours, which is fast. You can also opt for protection via the protection plan. It is also important that Santander is one of the cheapest loan providers.

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