Looking for holiday work, holiday jobs and part-time jobs

Are you looking for a holiday job or a part-time job? There is a lot of choice in different types of work. Where can you find holiday work, what type of holiday work is available? And what about side jobs? A temporary employment agency can often help you on your way, but approaching a company yourself can also get you a job. Working from home is also an option. For example, you can make money writing articles on the internet. And what is the minimum wage in 2011?

Looking for holiday work and part-time jobs

How do you find a holiday job or a part-time job? This can be done in various ways. One of the most popular and easiest ways is to register with an employment agency. Then register immediately with several employment agencies to increase your chances of finding work. Remember that it is very important that you personally visit the employment agencies to register. Don’t forget to bring your identification and BSN. Simply completing a form via the internet often does not work. You don’t put yourself in the picture enough to get a job. In addition to registering with employment agencies, you can also keep an eye on the newspapers. Try to find a local newspaper in the region where you would like to do holiday work or have a part-time job in mind.

Holiday work & side jobs: what jobs are there?

There are many types and flavors of jobs. Below are a few of them:

Bulb picking

In the North Holland region you can find many jobs in the field of bulb picking. Bulb picking means that you spend a whole day working in a farmer’s field in a group. You slowly crawl over the land in a straight line to pick the bulbs from the ground. The earnings are often good.

Bulb peeling

Bulb peeling is done in a shed at the farmer’s house. This can be done in several places in the Netherlands, but usually in North Holland or Flevoland. You work in shifts on a belt on which the bulbs pass. The idea is to peel as many bulbs as possible and put them in a box. This work pays slightly less than picking bulbs because it is light work.

Working in a cafe or restaurant

In a café or restaurant you can work in the service, the kitchen or in the stock. These summer jobs are very popular and often quickly filled. Therefore, go early to a café or restaurant where you would like to do holiday work. The earnings are very good. Don’t forget that you also get tips in the service, for example.

Working at a fruit/vegetable grower

You can also get started with a farmer who grows fruit and vegetables. Picking apples or other fruit is popular. You can find these types of holiday jobs, especially in the southern provinces (Limburg, North Brabant). Harvesting vegetables is also an option. For example, cutting cabbages, picking lettuce or harvesting beans. The pay is also quite good for these types of summer jobs.

Newspaper district or delivering leaflets

The weather is often nice in the summer months. A newspaper district or a brochure district is then attractive. You deliver the newspapers or brochures on foot, by bicycle or moped. The big advantage of delivering leaflets is that you can often do this in your own time. You are not dependent, like with a paper route, on delivery times. Earnings are average.

Deliver mail

Post delivery companies often use holiday workers to deliver the mail during the holiday months. Just like with a newspaper route, you are dependent on delivery times. The earnings from delivering mail are also average.

Working in a factory

You can work as a holiday worker in various factories. Most holiday workers are deployed on the assembly line in a factory. The work varies from sorting to packing products. If you’re lucky you can work in stock, but those summer jobs are often scarce, so be on time. Earnings are average.

Working in healthcare, with people

You can also find work in a nursing home or an elderly center. This can vary from kitchen help to dressing people. Guiding people is also possible. Another holiday job that is also popular is working at holiday camps. Earnings are above average for most summer jobs in healthcare.


Working at a cleaning company is popular. You can then work at different locations, for example in a hospital or offices. You can find this work through employment agencies, but you can also contact cleaning companies directly. The earnings at cleaning jobs are above average.

Earn by writing articles

You can also write articles on a site such as infonu.nl. You then earn a certain amount per month with your articles, depending on the number of visitors who click on your advertisements. Through Google AdSense you will receive the earned income in real euros into your bank account. You can participate in this completely free of charge. To register you only need an email address.

What is the minimum wage 2011

What is the minimum amount you need to earn at most (holiday) jobs? See the table below which shows the 2011 minimum wage per age, based on a full working week.


% of minimum wage


Per day





































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