Free choice of doctor and lower deductible 2023

With your health insurance 2021, you have to choose whether you want a free choice of doctor and how high your deductible may be in healthcare. Health insurance with free choice of doctor is often more expensive in 2021, but with a higher voluntary deductible you can also reduce the same health premium somewhat. Are you going to a contracted doctor or do you want a free choice? Free choice of doctor is a great asset, but that freedom of choice in healthcare also costs you money through a higher healthcare premium or less reimbursement from your healthcare insurance. You can therefore also increase your voluntary deductible in exchange for a lower healthcare premium for 2020. The healthcare premium is expected to rise enough in 2020 for the average Dutch person.


  • The super budget policy will not be available in 2021
  • Which health insurance will you choose in 2021, free choice of doctor or not, deductible reduced?
  • The contracted care
  • Health insurer may reduce mandatory deductible in 2021
  • Voluntarily increase your deductible?
  • Conclusion: free choice of doctor or choose a lower mandatory deductible for 2021?

The super budget policy will not be available in 2021

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport wanted a super-in-kind policy and budget policy, more about which later. This requires a change in the law, a change in the law for which no majority could be found in the Senate. Three PvdA senators also voted against. The plan to push through the law by means of an Order in Council has also been abandoned. Yet Minister Schippers wants to save 1 billion euros and she is now doing this through the deductible.

Which health insurance will you choose in 2021, free choice of doctor or not, deductible reduced?

In 2021, there are two main streams of insurance in healthcare, the reimbursement policy and the in-kind policy. With the reimbursement policy there is a completely free choice of doctor. You go to the doctor you want, submit the bill to the insurance company and get the treatment reimbursed. With the in-kind policy, the insurance company takes care of the billing and payment process for you. The healthcare provider submits the bill to your insurance company. With the in-kind policy, the insurance provides full reimbursement for the contracted care (apart from the deductible) and if you want to go to another doctor or practitioner, the insurance company will reimburse at least a certain percentage of the costs. This usually concerns a reimbursement of 80% of the costs, so 20% is in any case for your own account. The big advantage of the in-kind policy is its convenience (a lot of work is taken off your hands) and the advantage of cheaper health insurance with a lower health premium.

The contracted care

Contracted care means that the health insurer makes agreements with healthcare providers, usually because they represent a large group of patients. Purchasing contracted care is cost-saving for the insurance company and therefore also for the customer or patient. This contracted care already exists. If you have a care provider who has not concluded a contract with your health insurer, the reimbursement you receive from your basic insurance or supplementary insurance may be lower than if you go to a contracted care provider. In some cases the compensation may even be 0. For contracted care, the reimbursement is 100%, even though everyone has a mandatory deductible.

Health insurer may reduce mandatory deductible in 2021

What is new is that you can get a discount on your deductible if you go to a healthcare provider that has a contract with your insurer. In short, if you choose the doctor designated by the insurer, it will be cheaper for you. On the other hand, if your deductible has already been exhausted, there is no advantage in choosing the designated doctor. This is an important adjustment, but does not require an amendment to the Healthcare Act. Enough people will see this as a restriction on the free choice of doctor, but via your mandatory deductible. Enough people will choose another doctor if it saves money. There will probably also be consequences for the 2021 healthcare allowance.

Voluntarily increase your deductible?

Anyone who wants to pay a lower health insurance premium in 2021 can also increase their voluntary deductible. This is especially suitable for those who are rarely ill and who also had good experiences with this in 2020. On an annual basis, the 2021 health insurance premium could be 300 euros lower per person.

Conclusion: free choice of doctor or choose a lower mandatory deductible for 2021?

The free choice of doctors will not disappear in 2021. The budget policy already exists with only contracted care. This is a policy with a lower health insurance premium and a limited choice of care. An in-kind policy has now been added, where you can opt for lower healthcare costs at the expense of your deductible, but where you retain a wide choice of healthcare. However, it will cost more. If you want to be completely free in your choice of doctor, opt for a reimbursement policy. What will you choose in 2021? Will your insurer also offer the cheap health policy and what will happen to your existing health insurance? Is it time for you too to switch?

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