Cancel expensive text messaging services

You can cancel expensive text messaging services. By seeing something on TV and responding with a text message, some people are often stuck with an expensive text message service for months. Sometimes someone doesn’t understand why their mobile phone bills are so high. Those text messaging services are often the culprit. You can cancel expensive text messaging services. Below is how to get rid of expensive text messaging services.

SMS Code of Conduct Foundation

The SMS Code of Conduct Foundation has created a website that contains a lot of information about canceling the services. The website has been started by all providers of SMS services in the Netherlands.

How do you cancel an SMS service that sends expensive messages?

  • By entering a 4-digit number on the SMS code of conduct where a message always comes from, you can find out who the provider is.
  • If you keep receiving a message from 4444 (fictitious), enter it on the page and the provider will automatically appear.
  • In addition, the page also explains how the text message service can be stopped.
  • This is often very simple by sending a message to the same number (i.e. by pressing reply) with STOP or OFF.
  • If the provider adheres to this, the messages will stop.
  • If this is not the case, the same number often also contains the number that can be called to stop the text messages.
  • Furthermore, all information about the provider of the services is stated. So in which country the service is located (often not even in the Netherlands), what is offered and what the costs per message are.
  • The page also shows which other SMS subscriptions the provider offers. So there could be many more.

It is not possible to cancel the SMS service

Sometimes there is no result if someone has entered the 4-digit code. The page then indicates that no data was found. First checking whether the correct code has been entered is of course the first thing someone should do. But it may also be a one-off SMS service. One-time SMS services are also available via the site, but with general information. This also includes helpdesk data from the supplier of the messages. In that case, they should be contacted by calling the helpdesk number. If it is not possible to cancel a subscription service via the page, the telephone bill often also offers relief. By checking which number keeps sending messages, you can find out who the culprit is. Anyone who calls prepaid can find out through their provider who is behind the SMS service. Providers are often also willing to help in discontinuing these services. Then simply go to the telephone store where the subscription was purchased or call customer service. Telephone providers are not happy with people who are very dissatisfied with services they have not ordered or with people who cannot pay their bills because a simple message costs 3 euros and they receive several of these per week.

SMS code of conduct

All SMS suppliers have agreed on how they should offer SMS services. There is a difference between an SMS message that is sent once and subscription services where paid messages are sent weekly or sometimes even daily that must be paid for by the owner of the telephone subscription. This includes how people should register and how companies may advertise SMS services. The complete SMS Code of Conduct can be found via a link on SMS Code of Conduct.

Help function: The SMS provider must reply

The code of conduct also states that the text messaging provider must provide a help function for the service. The person who always receives messages can receive all information about the provider by sending HELP to a provider. (The message that is returned may then cost a maximum of 25 euro cents). The message must state how often a message is sent, how much each SMS costs and how people can unsubscribe. If it is a one-off service, there is no need to unsubscribe, so that must also be stated. The name of the person sending the text messages is also included in the message. It must also be stated where the company can be found via helpdesk or website. Of course, it must also be stated here how someone can unsubscribe. This is by sending the words OFF or STOP to a certain number.