Solar panels for a flat roof

Solar panels can be installed just as easily on a flat roof as on a sloping roof. There are various constructions on the market with which the solar panels are placed at the optimal angle of inclination on your flat roof and can even rotate automatically with the sun.

Installing solar panels on a flat roof

When placing solar panels on a slab, the construction is very important. For a stable solar installation with the correct slope angle, a steel or aluminum frame is required that is suitable for your type of roof. It is therefore advisable to have solar panels installed on a flat roof carried out by an experienced installer. Incorrectly installed solar panels will not only produce a lower return: the construction can cause damage to your flat roof, so that the benefit of a slightly cheaper installation immediately disappears.

Optimal return for your solar panels

The success of solar panels depends on a large number of factors. The better your solar installation meets each factor, the more sunlight is converted into electricity and the higher the efficiency of your solar panels. Below is an overview of 5 important criteria for the success of your solar panels.

The angle of inclination of the solar panel

Your solar panels will achieve the best results if they are installed at an angle of approximately 35 degrees. If the angle of inclination is much greater or smaller, you can miss out on several percent of yield on an annual basis

The option to rotate the photovoltaic solar panels with the sun

If your panels are equipped with a mechanism to rotate with the sun, this will produce more energy. Rotating solar panels are more expensive than static ones.

The surface area of the panel

The larger the area you cover with solar panels, the more yield.

The brand and type of solar cells

The best solar panels are able to generate more power from the same amount of sunlight. These solar panels are equipped with photovoltaic solar cells made of advanced materials. Due to the much higher purchase price, it is quite possible that the best solar panels will not have a shorter payback period than less efficient but cheaper options.

The amount of sunlight and geographical location

Although solar panels do indeed convert light into electricity in cloudy weather, in the California desert you will generate 2 to 3 times as much electricity with the exact same solar panel as in the Netherlands. The number of hours of sunshine per year therefore has a major influence on the amount of electricity. Moreover, the closer you are to the equator, the brighter the light, so the better the results of your photovoltaic solar panels.