Wehkamp, how do you create an account?

Wehkamp, how do you create an online account? Wehkamp is a large online department store that is highly appreciated by consumers. In the summer months of 2008, Wehkamp’s website underwent a huge change, with further emphasis on the refreshing and modern character of Wehkamp products. More than 81 million visitors visit the website every year. The mail order company is unprecedentedly popular. How do you create an account? Wehkamp has an annual turnover of hundreds of millions and is therefore a very successful company. This also allows prices to be kept affordable. At mail order company or online department store Wehkamp you can find small and large products, gifts for men, women and children, but also fashion and items for your holidays, electronics, kitchens and entire bedrooms. You can also go there for household appliances, cameras, etc. To shop there, all you need to do is create an account:

  • Visit the website of: Wehkamp
  • On the Wehkamp website, choose ‘log in’.
  • Then choose ‘create personal account’. This is in the middle of the page.
  • Enter a valid email address.
  • Come up with a secure password.
  • Enter the password again at ‘confirm password’.
  • You can check e-mail benefits if you want to receive special offers by e-mail.
  • Click continue.
  • Your account has now been created. You will see a window where you can check off whether you are purchasing from Wehkamp for the first time, yes or no. Make the choice that suits you.
  • If you have not purchased from Wehkamp before, you may create a personal Wehkamp account. Your name, address and the like will be included therein. This is important in case you buy something. It will then be delivered to your home at the right address.

Because Wehkamp sells so many products, it is impossible to list them all. But whatever you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it at this online home store.

Cheap products and lunch breaker.

Wehkamp regularly offers discounts. Every day between 12:00 and 13:00 you will find a product with a super discount at Wehkamp. The so-called lunch breaker.

Wehkamp, what can you buy there?

  • Women’s fashion.
  • Men’s fashion.
  • Children’s clothing.
  • Furniture (sofas, cupboards, dining area, beds, etc.).
  • Tanning bed, sauna, fitness equipment, everything for mother and child, erotic clothing, drugstore products, beauty products, and so on.
  • Television (LED, LCD, 3D TV, etc.), iPods, projectors, cameras, film cameras, and others.
  • Computers, laptop, tomtom, and so on.
  • Air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, and so on.
  • Everything related to camping, such as tents, sleeping bags, above-ground pools, and so on.
  • Misuse.
  • Trampoline and baby cots.
  • Barbecues, garden furniture, sun loungers, gazebos.
  • Outdoor toys, such as complete slides.
  • DVDs, books and games.
  • Other.

Buying on installment.

At Wehkamp you can buy all the products you need and you can decide whether you pay immediately or by installment. You can pay immediately or pay in installments. You can choose from:

  • Pay directly with iDEAL. (The payment is immediately transferred via your bank)
  • Via an acceptance giro, which will be sent to you together with the product you have purchased.
  • In monthly installments (i.e. in installments).

Paying with iDEAL has the advantage that you will receive the product (in stock) immediately. If you make a purchase via installment or post-payment, an advance may be requested. This probably depends on the purchase amount.


You can have your purchases delivered to your home at Wehkamp, but you can also pick them up yourself if you prefer. You will receive your items for fourteen days, so if you don’t like it, you can always return it and get your money back. Shopping online through mail order companies is easy and often very affordable. Make sure you don’t buy more than you can afford.

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